How To Build a Bridge The Warren truss

  • 184 popsicle sticks
  • Lots of elmers glue bottles
  • 2 medium with Styrofoam platforms
  • Rubberbands
  • Large space to work on
  • Newspapers
  • Patience

Step 1: First you have to get a large flat surface. Then after you have a place to work, lay out the newspaper.

Step 2: get all your materials ready except for the newspaper and surface that you already have layed out

Step 3: put your glue about halfway down your popsicle stick and then attach another stick to the part you glued

Step 4: keep doing that until your stick reaches 30 inches switching sides of the stick and repeat steps 3&4 again creating 2 separate sticks

Step 5: then after that you have to glue sticks the same style as the 30 inch sticks but only go about half of the length of the 30 inch sticks creating 4 separate sticks

Step 6: also make a stick that is about 3/4 of the length of the 30 inch using the same style of glueing the sticks together and make to separate sticks that length

Step 7: when all items are dried than glue 2 of the 15 inch sticks ends to each end of a 30 inch stick with one being on each end angling them inward about 40° And do that to the other 30 inch stick

Step 8: when all the items dry, on one of the 30 inch sticks with the 15 inch sticks glued on the end,use on of the sticks that is 3/4 of the length of the 30 inch sticks to connect the 2, 15 inch sticks together. Do that for both sides.

Step 9: after both sides dry, sit both sides up with 2 styrofoam platforms on top of each other rolled on their side in between the sides and put rubberbands around the ends but glue stick across the top for added supports

Step 10: while those are drying, you can make the ends by laying 3 sticks down and glue another stick from one end to the other diagonally. Make 2 of those ends

Step 11: when everything is fully dried, remove the styrofoam through the bottom of the bridge and glue some sticks to the bottom of the bridge. When those dry add the ends on each end by putting the end pieces on one of the stick glued on the bottom of the bridge.

Step 12: when that is all dried, after you clean up, you are finished!!!

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