New England Colonies Ethan D.


Want to see,then come to the New England colonies where we can find something just right for your fees.

Reason for founding

The reason for finding the New England colonies was to purifi the church because in New England they kept changing from diffrent types of religious and the people were over with switching with religion.


New England colonies geography is quite extraordinary It's climate is cold and short growing seasons.The soil is rocky and not ideal for crops. Theirs also many trees,fish and wails.

How we make money$

How We Make Money

Want to make money come to the New England colonies you can go wailing,or fishing or even ship building. So come work with us and we'll make it worth your while.

Want to find a different carrier just right for you then come to the New England colonies and you can find the right job for you.So stop sitting around and come to the new England colonies where you can find the right carrier for you.

Thanks to cars we don't have to walk around all the time.Cars help us move around the world faster and not have to waste energy walking in the sun.

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