Entomology study of insects

Coccinellidae (Lady bug)

What is an entomologist? One who studies insects, including their relationship with other animals and their environments.


What does an entomologists day look like? Entomologists study insects, their environments, and their behaviors through observational, experimental, chemical, and genetic techniques through out their career.

Photo grid of different kinds of bugs

What global impact does an entomologist have? An entomologist not only works as a faculty member in places such as colleges or universities, but they also travel around the world to places such as South America & Asia to study insects.

Map of Asia

You may be wondering, why would I ever want to work with bugs? Well, bugs are important to our lives because it is a chain. This chain is important to us because it keeps the world turning essentially. Think about it, bugs feed frogs, lizards, armadillos, etc. But who eats frogs? That would be your birds, raccoons, snakes, opossums, etc. This is a never ending cycle.

Food Chain


Job Outlook of an Entomologist


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