Sales Procedures Boost sales and service

People buy from people

To provide genuine "customer care" it is important to ALL STAFF to understand their ROLES in the COMPANY

Use statements not interrogation

No one likes answering cold prescriptive questions, let the client talk and listen to him/her , let them sell for you. Then AFTER listening to them issue them with the CORRECT information required and close the sale.

Use objections as an opportunity to make a sale

Once a customer objects do the following :

Empathize: "i understand how you feel"

Clarify: "What feels wrong about this?"

Present the correct solution: " i see based on what you have told me here is why this solutions is right for you"

Gain Agreement: "does this make sense to you sir/mam?"

Close : " would you like me to deliver the machine? / Can i arrange a demo? / Do you know where our shop is?

Don't just listen ! Pay attention

Listen to what the customer really wants and guild him/her only once they are fully done. Remembering is half the sale !

If you do not understand what the client has said please ask them to give you abit more information on the matter BEFORE supplying the INCORRECT information

now go out there and make all the client you speak to super happy

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