Martial Arts MVHS students participate in judo, karate, kung fu and taekwondo

While not offered at MVHS, many students have pursued combat sports and martial arts on their own, climbing ranks to receive the highest belts and competing at national tournaments around the world.

This package profiles the unique stories of four martial artists’ successes, struggles and journeys with their sports.

Judo: Tessa Pepples

Junior Tessa Pepples and her coaches describe how Pepples' perseverance led her to be a nationally ranked judo player

Karate: Trinav Chaudhuri

Junior Trinav Chaudhuri and his coaches recount his experiences qualifying for the U.S. national karate team

Taekwondo: Pallavi Srinivas

Senior Pallavi Srinivas and her family members describe her emotional and physical growth gained through taekwondo

Kung fu: Mikaela Lee

MVHS alumnae '18 Mikaela Lee, family and coach describe Lee's work ethic in kung fu tournaments