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Hi I’m David Drain with over 20 years professional experience in the tennis industry as a LTA credited + level 4 Senior club coach. Ive had various successful roles as Head Coach and have been able to work alongside national coaches and county players during my time at Cheadle and Bolton.

My current role is head of adults and youth tennis at the Northern Lawn tennis Club. We are a 23 tennis court club with six squash courts, a well-equipped gym, spacious fitness studio and a comfortable lounge bar and eatery, it offers state-of-the-art sports and leisure facilities.

We are Conveniently located in the lively and fashionable South Manchester suburb of Didsbury, and are current Youth coaching programme is one of the largest in Manchester with more than 200 children taking part in regular lessons each week.

Tips on winning points off the serve the freestyle way.
Being creative and using freestyle shots to getting round unplayable balls.
Individual Coaching Costs

Members Individual coaching session cost

: £34 per hour

Non member fees :

£10 extra added.

(limited visits only)

Reach Your Potential

My unique approach uses multiple tennis techniques to build confidence that enable players to unlock their personal potential to help achieve goals. Early on, I identify what each client is capable of with my goal being continued help and get them to exceed there own expectations, motivating them to always reach for their full potential.

Im also a published illustrator/creater of children’s picture book’s and my webspace is splashillustrations.co.uk

Everything we create we keep In mind that child centred approach as are primary focus. Our books have been written for use with both a adult and child to co read interact And Work together to make that reading journey with enjoyment and grow A child’s confidence to want to read more and start to develop independent reading.

This is also where you can purchase my own tennis foundations bloggers guide book

The world of tennis can be confusing for beginners and improvers. Such questions as "How do I hold my racquet? " and "What grip have I got ???" are often asked to myself and many other coaches. This book has been created as a bloggers self help guide in simply getting a good foundation of knowledge and understanding in tennis grips shots to a taste tactics effective shots in winter and mental toughness in tennis.

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