Holden's Jamz Adam lopez period 2

Call Me Maybe by: Carly Rae Jepsen

Throughout the book, calling someone is very common for Holden to think about. The feelings of loneliness and depression consuming Holden makes him wish someone would call him or he can call someone. "I felt like giving someone a buzz. I left my bags right outside the booth so that i could watch them, but as soon as i was inside, i couldn't think of anybody to think of". Holden misses talking to people that he loves, a reason why he feels the need to talk to people. "Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad, and you should know that, I missed you so so bad, bad, bad, bad...".

WARNING: AT THE TIMES 1:09, 2:06, 2:21, 3:47, and 4:01 THE F BOMB IS USED! But I believe this song really goes well with the issues Holden is experiencing and causing. Thank you <3

Little Lion Man by: Mumford & Sons

Holden's decisions in life were not as he had planned, he had hoped he could accomplish things on his own, but that was not the case. "You're not as brave as you were at the start, rate yourself and rake yourself, take all he courage you have left". What Holden is expecting to happen when he leaves to New York is that he will have every thing under control, but down the road he realizes he was wrong. Holden does not like to listen to people's advice that is given personally to him, he think it does not matter. "I hope not, i hope to hell not, I'd never yell Good Luck! at anybody. It sounds terrible, when you think about it" (17). Holden not taking advise very well shows that he thinks he doesn't need any help but in reality he need as much help as possible, he just doesn't know it when he leaves.

Unwell by: Matchbox 20

Reasons for why this song was chosen was for the fact that throughout Holden's events, he is unwell by the little amount of sleep he get's, and his smoking and alcohol problem which led him into a tuberculosis hospital in which he told us "That's also how I practically got t.b. and came out here for all these goddam checkups and stuff" (5). This is one aspect of Holden feeling "unwell". Another reason for Holden being unwell is his signs of depression in which he say's the word many times throughout his events. He feels like he's "headed for a breakdown".

Smells Like Teen Spirit by: Nirvana

Throughout Holden's unwellness of being depressed, a way he forgets about things is to drink alcohol, one of the only things that is able to put a smile on his face, "And I forget just why i taste, Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile". Holden craves to forget about things and to be happy. He feels the need to get drunk for the purpose of forgetting who he is, to feel like a new man. "Boy, was I drunk. I wasn't much in the mood any more to give old Jane a buzz, I was too drunk, I guess. So what I did, I gave old Sally Hayes a buzz" (150).

I Will Wait by: Mumford & Sons

Throughout he events that Holden goes though, he see's for himself that he can not do everything on his own and needs the help of others. As we watched "Like a stone, and fell heavy into yours arms, these days of dust which we've known, will blow away with this new sun," we saw as Holden had to learn the hard way in life and experience all the hardships a person could know. Holden soon realizes that some things needed to heard and some thing to be untold, "If you want to know the truth, I don't know what I think about it. I'm sorry I told so many people about it. About all I know is, I sort of miss everybody I told about" (214).


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