Mass Shootings MAss shootings has become a violent trend in recent past years and it is important to prevent and figure out a way to end mass shootings and the INNOCENT lives of people.


Background Check: When talking about guns, background checks refers to a check to see if you meet the requirements to possess a gun. These requirements include, no felony record, never being required to be institutionalized.

Mass Shootings: A person causing a violent shooting massacre

Mental Illness: health conditions involving changes in thinking, emotion or behavior (or a combination of these).

Firearm: A rifle, or pistol, or handgun that is portable

Shooters: A person shooting at something

Gun Theft: A gun that has been stolen most likely by someone who is eligible to pruchase a gun

Why are mass shootings increasing?

Mass shootings have been increasing rapidly in the past few years and are starting to impact Americans today. We ask why is this happening? Researchers have come to believe that mental illness might be a reason why it has increased. According to Laura D. Miller “Mental illness is one likely factor — a survey by Mother Jones found that at least 38 of the 61 mass shooters in the past three decades, displayed signs of mental health problems prior to the killings”. Since Mother Jones did the research and saw this was one of the big factors, maybe weapons and people who have mental illness could be one of the ways to prevent mass shootings. Mental illness and weapons are the main leads Mother Jones found to mass shootings because there both the cause and effect of the issue. Mass shootings typically involve a gun and the mass killer is typically mentally ill. Both mental illness and gun possession have increased in the last few years. They're both two different sides to the same issue. A statistic found by USA Today states, “77% of mass shootings involve a gun. Since mass shootings have majority of the time involve a weapon such as a gun”. By this research being shown there might be way to prevent mass shootings. PARA 1

Is there a correlation between mental Illness increasing along with the purchase of guns and has it increased laws on guns?

Yes, mental illness has a high rate of using guns for suicide which has increased the laws on guns. An article from USA Today about the connection between the mentally ill and gun laws USA Today states,“Federal Gun laws does not allow mentally ill people from buying or owning a gun after they have been emitted to the hospital.“ people who have been diagnosed mentally ill. Those having access to weapons can be dangerous and harmful. Another reason for he restricting the purchases of guns for the the mentally ill is because most gun fatality for the mentally ill are by suicide. According to, “Psychiatric disorders such as depression are strongly implicated in suicide, which accounts for more than half of gun fatalities annually.” People having psychiatric disorders have increased the laws on guns because of the violence it has increased. With the issue of violence increasing it is easier for the mentally ill to purchase guns in the U.S., than in other countries should we have stricter background checks? PARA 2

Should there be more stricter background checks on the purchase of guns?

Yes, right now the U.S would benefit from stricter background checks. In a Video according to Vox, There's a graph showing the requirments other developed countries have that you need to have to own a gun. In the Video the women states “ It relatively easy to get a gun in the United States. In most countries you need a license to purchase a gun and it is recorded into an official registry. When purchasing a gun you have to state a reason why and pass a safety test and also store your gun safely.” If some states in the United States did that I believe we wouldn't have such violence issues with guns as we do now. People who shouldn't be having them are able to get them because in the United States we don't have those stricter background checks like other countries do. If the United states forced stricter background checks keeping track of the selling or transferring of guns can be more maintained. A fact from states, “Under federal law, private individuals are not required to a conduct a background check before selling or transferring a firearm to someone who lives in the same state.” With no required background check, people are able to get their hands on guns without the proper background check that should taken in the same state. People still need to have background checks and need to know the proper way to handle a gun. Without the background check it can create more violence. With a background check it can decrease the violence. Therefore, stricter background checks should be taken place in all states and purchasers and buyers of guns.

If other countries have less violence with their gun laws currently and compare to the U.S and our big gap. We are clearly not doing something right. If other countries aren't having a big issue with it, why are we? A solution to the problem would be making our gun laws stricter just like other countries have. With less force on gun laws does it become a public health issue? PARA 3

Has gun violence influenced the occurrence of mass shootings to be a public health issue?

Yes, it has caused some public places to become unsafe. In the past few years there's been a few major mass shootings two of which were the shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Mass Shootings have affect the public and have become a public health issue. David Hemenway, a professor at Harvard Chan school states, “We know so little about gun theft, about gun storage, about gun training, about concealed gun carrying.” Some people are not aware of how to handle a gun properly and educated on how to properly store a gun. People can just pull the trigger without realizing that it is a weapon and it can kill someone. We can make it a requirement that people take a gun safety course weather they want to use a gun or not it is still good for the public to be a ware of weapons such as guns and for everyone to be aware of what a conceal and carry is.This has influenced gun violence to the public The lack of background checks, people are getting access to guns who should not be having access to them, which has also made it unsafe for children going to school. Pulse Night club is an example of a public place that became unsafe due to a mass shooting. The shooter came back three times to the firearm shop in one day. That looks suspicious and if he was caught before it happened there might of not of been a mass shooting. A study I found shows the lack of research we have on mass shootings compared to other public health issues. If we have research on mass shootings it can show us facts such as why it's happening and what's working and what's not in preventing it. A study shown by the Journal of the American Medical Association plots, that gun violence is less funded than diseases such as cancer and heart disease, but gun violence has killed more people than both heart disease and cancer. This shows that there is less research on gun violence than disease that kill hundreds of people every year. And if mass shootings were funded as much as finding a cure for cancer we could be closer to defeating the trend of mass shootings. PARA 4

What are some solutions to end mass shootings?

There are many answers to resolving the issue of mass shootings such as having stricter background checks, stricter laws on guns, and keeping track on who can possess a gun. The little things we do lead up to a better possible result in decreasing mass shootings if not ending them. A quote from the New York Times releases a statement by president Obama, “The attack in San Bernardino, Calif., that left 14 dead and 21 injured last week seemed to confirm for many people that such shootings, regardless of whether they are related to terrorism, are now an almost a daily of living in America. In response to the massacre, by a couple apparently inspired by the Islamic State, President Obama called for tougher gun laws.” Stricter gun laws can help and also help officials keep better tabs on who's got a gun at their hands who should not. Weapons also come into play with terrorism. If terrorism decreases and the world has found more peace the use of weapons could decrease and possibly decrease violence in mass shootings. In addition to terrorism giving mass shooters the mental help they need says, We treat people when they are physically sick or injured, but neglect those with mental problems. If we neglect those with mental problems it can lead to bigger issues. Most mass killers have mental issues that were never resolved. If we take mental health more into consideration and create better treatment programs I think it can help us decrease this issue significantly. According to they did a poll on what Americans thought would be effective on preventing mass shootings at schools. A statistic from the poll said, “Americans are most likely to say that an increased police presence at schools, increased government spending on mental health screening and treatment, and decreased depiction of gun violence in entertainment venues would be effective in preventing mass shootings at schools.” If we can decrease violence to children through entertainment it can be less of an influence. Also with the government help fund more money into mental health treatments it can help unresolved mass shooters get the help they need and prevent bigger issues such as violence. PARA 5

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