About Me Welcome! My name is Danielle Lanson and I am so happy you dropped by

First, let me answer the question you may be wondering about - the origin of my business name since it doesn't seem to have anything to do with my actual name...

My family calls me Roo (as in the rambunctious kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh). I am not entirely sure why...it just happened and you know how those things go... once they happen, they stick forever. I just changed the spelling to distance it a little from its cartoon inspiration.

The second bit is a lot easier - Landry is my maiden name!

I shoot natural light and always love pushing my camera as far as it will go. I am a forever student in almost every realm of my life and am constantly finding new and interesting ways to use my equipment to tell your story and capture your memories authentically

I'm from Barre, VT and transplanted to MA in 2015. I love my VT roots and can and will tell you way too many facts about maple syrup. Growing up, my extended family had a camp that my great, great grandfather built by hand that we all shared up on a lake in Northern VT - it was a beloved part of my childhood. My dad documented a couple of our family reunions that were held there with his film camera and those pictures were my first inspiration at a young age to start capturing moments around me.

I have a degree in World Literature (and 4 minors) from Castleton University in VT. After college, I joined AmeriCorps and did a 10 month program with AmeriCorps NCCC traveling around the South West region completing month long service projects and that's where I met my wife, Chelsea!

In 2019, we bought a fixer upper and are renovating it from top to bottom ourselves - with a little help from talented and kind friends and family.

I spent 8 years insulating houses in VT with my dad so I thought I had seen it all but every project is a new and exciting challenge.

It's going great...

I am an avid gardener and my built-from-scratch with re-used material back yard garden has turned into a bit of a homestead and is still growing!

I have a rescue dog named Toast who is my best friend. She has a lot of feelings and prefers a good snuggle to a long walk. She's a bit afraid of people due to her rough start in life but we are working on it and she's making amazing progress.

In true Leo fashion, I love being in front of the camera as much as I love being behind it, so I am always playing around and practicing new movements and poses while simultaneously training my wife as a second shooter. She actually often comes and helps with photoshoots!

I feel incredibly lucky to have the gift of turning memories into art and being able to share that with all of you amazing folks. Thanks for stopping by and learning a little bit about me!

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