Martin Luther King Jr. bY:CAssandra arevalo

Early Life

Martin Luther's was born and raised in Atlanta GA. He was born on January 15, 1929. Martin has spent time in Washington DC, Memphis Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia, and Alabama. When Martin Luther King Jr. was younger he had tried commingling suicide. The house he lived in when he was little was shared with his grandparents and parents, he lived their until he was 12. He lived in Atlanta until he graduated from college.


Some of the accomplishments he had were he had won the Nobel Prize in 1964, he also won a congressional Gold Medal in 2004. He was Leader of African American Civil Rights to. Martin Luther King has had a lot of accomplishments. He had a lot of accomplishments because he was a hard working person and cared for his peoples freedom.


Some qualities Martin Luther King Jr. had was he was a very hard working man that's why he made a lot of accomplishments. He had showed a lot of courage and care for everyone that supported him and even people that didn't support him. He cared for his peoples rights and freedom.


Martin Luther King Jr. died February 18, 1546. His cause of death was he had a stroke and died. Even though he was weak and tired he still tried to keep going but he could not go on any longer until he had a stroke and died. Even though he has died he still wishes for his dream to come true and keep coming.



Martin Luther King Jr. influences others because of hi "I have a speech dream it has influenced other to keep it going. They looked up to him because he fought for the blacks rights. He was also responsible for passing the Civil Rights Movement, he has inspired them to keep his dream alive and let the black people be free and live life how everyone else does.


In conclusion Martin Luther King Jr. was a very good person he fought for everyone's rights, he wanted all of us to be free. He wanted us to be equal. He has inspired a lot of people to fight for the blacks rights he wouldn't stop until everyone was equal. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very inspiring person. He has done everything in his power for the U.S to be a better place to be at. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very nice kind-hearted person he had love for everyone he cared about everyone's rights.

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