Do you have nothing but a passing curiosity about meditation, or are you actively resistant to the very idea of it?

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? Why on earth are cross party reviews considering funding modern meditation training for schools, front line health workers, prison workers, and even prisoners? Why are CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business leaders taking to modern meditation techniques to help them perform at their peak in business, and reach their full potential?

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Well, it’s not just about ‘relaxing’ and sitting still for a while. There’s a proper science to meditation, which literally re-wires your brain for improved success, wellbeing and emotional resilience – on a scale you most probably can’t even imagine if you have yet to dip your toe in to mastering your own mind.

I think it was Osho who said so wisely…“Your mind can be a beautiful servant. Or a dangerous master”

The chances are, if you have not yet learnt mind mastery in the way meditation allows you to, you may well be at the whim of your mind. It’s probably using and abusing you. At the very least it will be tricking you and limiting you, in ways which are so insidious and familiar, you will have just accepted them as your lot.

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The point my blog on the subject makes is that this is not your lot in life. Thanks to the plasticity of the neural connections in your brain, through using simple, modern meditation techniques, it's easy to rewire your brain for improved positivity, happiness, peace, focus and even for you to become the smartest version of yourself through learning a brain - heart state called coherence.

Coherence gives you super powers for success and vitality, however it's extremely EASY to learn!

I have developed and statistically validated a simple technique which teaches you to create coherence and to be able to reliably return to it as your default setting. This straightforward yet extremely powerful technique is called The SHINE Program and I have a special JANUARY OFFER available because I want to help people set off on the very best foot for 2017...,

YOU CAN REGISTER FOR JUST £67 (RRP £107) through January

Lisa Bardell BSc (Hons) Psychology, Clinical Diploma in Coaching, NLP & Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Coach has been an Executive Coach, Life Coach & Integrative Therapist for 4 years from her two private practices in London & Cheshire

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