Celebrating Canada The country full of love

Canada is full of open opportunities for those who aren't appreciated much in many other countries. As a Canadian I know that our country is a democracy which means we are all equal and deserve fair rights. I love Canada for the diversity they provide, the different varieties of foods, and celebrations. Canada proves to many other countries that its okay to be different and have a variety of things.

We are all equal and are worth the same

The first thing i love about Canada is the diversity. We are a democracy which gives everyone a freedom of speech and rights. We intake about 466,940 Chinese, 443,690 Indians, 303,195 Philippines, and 296,850 Italian (Grant). Diversity is a range of different things that provide different attributes. With the diversity in Canada it can provide more skills and a new look towards others point of view. With our diverse country Canada has succeeded culturally, politically, and economically (Trudeau). With the success that Canada has made through immigrants these past years. Immigrants represent over 20 percent of the total Canadian population (Evans). People all around the world now can help show their talents and beliefs to teach others and give for other people. I love the fact that the Multicultural Act was introduced in 1988 and has shown the world how much better it is with more diversity (Evans).

This is important to me because throughout the years, the fact that black people and many other coloured people were discriminated because the way they were stereotyped. This made me look at the world in a better way and be able to discover so much more religions, foods, and languages. It gives our country a whole new character and attribute. Being diverse will help bring peace to this world and show that being different isn't wrong. Stereotypes is a serious topic right now and it needs to be put to an end because every religion, culture, and colour deserve respect.

In Canada we have a whole variety of tasty food

In Canada we created so many tasteful foods. We have so many traditional foods such as Canadian Bacon, Maple Syrup, Beaver tails, Ketchup, and Poutine (Lev). There are very popular dishes in Canada that has spread worldwide. No other Canadian dish has gained such widespread fame across the country quite like this of hand cut french fries, cheese curds, and well seasoned gravy (Dawdy). You could find a lot of these foods worldwide but traditional foods such as Canadian bacon, Beaver tails, and Maple syrup. In Toronto and St. Lawrence you can find more Canadian bacon but it is found in a lot of other places (Lev). Another famous alcoholic drink is found in Vancouver which is the Ceasar Drink (Lev).

I feel like these factors need to be valued more because a lot of dishes and chefs from across the world use our traditional foods and create a whole new element of design to it. Its wonderful to see the different types of food they can make with our ingredients but they are not appreciated more than we notice. It should also be appreciated because we allow many multicultural foods to be shown in Canada which can give others the opportunity to experience new flavours.

In Canada we have a ton of beautiful Celebrations

Lastly, The celebrations of Canada really show how great Canada is. Many celebrations aren't Canadian based holidays or festivals but we took the time to establish it and make it a celebration in Canada. Our national holidays generally mark religious, quas-religious, or patriotic occasions (Granatstein). The good thing is all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and many more religions get to celebrate their own holidays and also be able to celebrate others beliefs. There is a huge list of celebrations such as New Years, Victoria Day, Empire Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Boxing Day, and Heritage Day (Granatstein). I've personally been to Caribana which is a celebration for all the Caribbean people in the world which happens in Toronto. All these celebrations are held in all provinces and territories. Quebec is the only place where one celebration is only celebrated there which is the Fête nationale du Quebec on June 24 (Granatstein).

I believe these celebrations should be valued and celebrated in Canada because it helps show the new generations and new comers to Canada the value and meaning of each celebration. I believe it gives others the knowledge to understand different cultures celebrations and how they celebrate it such as Caribana. I am Guyanese and Trinidadian, we celebrate Caribana to show appreciation of the different genres of music we create and the beautiful colours and costumes we wear to show how patriotic we are to our region. These celebrations are very important to me because they somehow give back whether its to the country, family, friends, cultures, and etc. Its a good reason to learn and be proud of how our country is so kind and willing to provide equal rights to every religious holiday.

i love Canada!!!
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