My Life as a Water Droplet By:Ellie Seamone

My life started out as a normal druman droplet, but by the time I was 5 droplet years old I was precipitated out from my home.

It all began when I was going to the bathroom I started to get hot and then I started sweating and I started to rise off the droilet aka the toilet I was yelling for my mommy but by the time she got there I was floating out from the sea. I only got to say bye and nothing else. I began to cry, because I've heard stories from my ancestors that people have been evaporated up into the clouds, precipitated down into ground water, and never came back.

As I was being evaporated into the clouds I saw something, something weird, I thought I was just seeing things but I wasn't. I was finally in the fluffy pink cotton candy clouds! And I saw it again it was whipping past me as fast as flash. Then it stopped and it was a druman droplet just like me! Then I saw another one.

I was so happy I met them. The droplet on the ski's said.

"Hi my name is Nate, what's yours?"
" My name is Ben" I replied I also met a droplet named Maddie. They are my new best friends.

It was cold up there and I still missed my mommy but the other droplets said it would all turn out ok. I really hoped they were right.

All of the sudden the cloud got angry at Ben for skiing on her and she said.

"Ooowwww that hurts now you're getting off but first you can quickly go to the cotton candy factory and get some souvenirs, Now hurry there's no time to waste, oh and take off those skis unless you want to go without anything."

So after we all went to the factory we all precipitated out of the clouds and fell into the lake.

Maddie said this is were she came from, so she set out to go find her family. I was sad that she left because she was my new friend but at least I still have Nate. The cotton candy cloud factory gave me, Maddie, and Nate cotton candy flavored ice cream!!

After we all ate our ice cream maddie came back with her mom dad her brother and her two sisters, to tell Me and Nate goodbye.

"Bye Nate bye Ben thanks for being my friends while I was away from my home and I wish you guys luck in finding your parents!"

"Ok thanks, bye Maddie!" Me and Nate replied.

While we were all saying bye me and Nate felt hot and I told him that we are about to be evaporated and as he was saying that he thought so to we flew up and started being evaporated. We flew up back into crystal clouds and stayed there for approximately 5 days. We met some new folks and some of them became our friends.

"Hey Ben, everyone keeps saying that were about to be precipitated!" Says Nate.
"Wait really, I think we are over my home, but I'll double check." I replied.

While I checked to see if they were over his home Nate realized that the crystal cloud was shaking while that was happening Ben sprinted over and stated,

"It's happening! We're about to be precipitated!!"

And there we were 2 seconds Later being precipitated out of crystal clouds! The fall was amazing until...

"OUCH! That hurt! Nate and I yelled.

We both smacked down on this ginormous glacier. Nate said this was his home and started off to go find his family. While all of that was happening I started to become snow melt runoff I was falling down the glacier! I yelled for Nate but he couldn't hear me.

I slipped into the ocean! I thought to myself "This can't be my home, but it looks so familiar" and then I saw it I saw my home, my mom in the garden and my dad mowing the sea lawn. I swam over to them and they were so exited to see me we went to go get seacream! My mom said,

"Wow after 6 years of waiting here for you you finally come home!!"

The End

Created By
Ellie Seamone


Ellie Seamone

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