HEP News Winter 2019 Edition (Vol 1, No.3)

Welcome to the end of the Fall 2019 semester at App State! We wish you the best of luck on your upcoming exams and a restful winter break. In this edition of HEP News:

  • Requirements for meeting professional development hours
  • Spring 2020 professional development opportunities (including the NC Council for Social Studies Conference)
  • Puppy Break!
  • Apply to Teacher Ed
  • Praxis CORE & Praxis II (9-12 Social Studies) updates
  • CBCs & Field Experiences
  • Reminders & Upcoming Dates
  • Special Spring 2020 courses
  • A final goodbye ... (Fall 2019 graduating class)
  • Winter Student Spotlight : Will Jolly

Professional Development

Everyone is required to complete 20 professional development hours before they graduate. You will be able to earn some of these hours while you are student teaching by attending parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, school-based professional development, etc.

Before your student teaching semester, you should attend between 2-3 professional development sessions each semester. Professional development hours may be earned through CLIO TALKS sessions, James Center seminar sessions posted on the Reich College of Education AppSync page, or other professional development opportunities on campus. Please keep track of the hours you have earned — you will be asked for this information during your student teaching semester!

Special Thanks to Dr. Felicia Arriaga (Sep.), Dr. Sushmita Chatterjee (Oct.), and Mr. Derrick Jones (Nov. - pictured to the left) for delivering talks at our Fall 2019 CLIO Talks sessions.

Professional Development Highlights for Spring 2020

There are a few professional development opportunities that we are already aware of for the Spring semester!

  • Three CLIO talks in Spring 2020: topics will include elections/primaries, US State Department representatives demonstrating class materials, and our annual "Let Me Tell You What It's Really Like" session with recent ASU grads and current student teachers.
  • 2020 North Carolina Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference in Greensboro—Feb 20-21. Information can be found on the NCCSS website. Inquire with Dr. Sibaja if you are interested in attending this year or becoming a yearly member.
  • Attend North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s (NCDPI) Connecting Communities of Education Stakeholders (CCES) Conference. Information can be found here. Conference organizers are encouraging students to present at the conference, which is a great way to earn PD hours and connect with fellow educators. You can also submit an application to be an intern by reaching out to the CCES Internship Coordinator at stacy.daniel@dpi.nc.gov . [Application closes on January 17th]
  • If you are interested in keeping up with the latest from the Social Studies team at the NC Dept. of Public Instruction, including PD opportunities and 9-12 social studies resources, sign up to receive the Social Studies Update bulletin (sign up available on the webpage version).
  • Follow the History Ed program on twitter (@AppState_HistEd) and instagram (@appstate_histed) for up to date information and reminders on Professional Development opportunities.
• Puppy Break •
Meet Django! Born on March 19, the Sibaja family Brittany puppy is always ready to play, sit and rest on your lap, and, early in the morning, stare down any deer that crosses his path down the street.
Here's Patton! The Morris family likes to spoil this little rascal. Patton loves to play in the snow and rest by the fire. He celebrated his first birthday this May, we adopted him last September from the Avery County Humane Society.

Apply to the Teacher Education Program

Admission into the Teacher Education program is required to take upper-level courses in your Professional Education Requirements section of your degree. The application is accessed through your AppalNet account. You should apply as soon as you are eligible to do so. Once your application is processed you will receive an email from Jenny Morris or History Education to that effect. Upon completion of your application, a new “ATCH” attribute will be added to your DegreeWorks page.

Eligibility is based on the following:

  • Passing Praxis CORE test or test exemption
  • Attendance at a First Steps to Teaching Information Session (emailed invitation)
  • A current Criminal Background Check
  • A minimum 2.7 GPA or higher
  • 45 earned semester hours
  • A “C” or better in RC 1000, FDN 2400, & CI 2300. No grades of incomplete.

Praxis CORE updates

Satisfactory Praxis CORE scores are required for admission into the Teacher Education Program. There is no longer a two week waiting period between test registration dates. The test is very important for course progression.

Contact the James Center (jamescenter@appstate.edu) or Jenny Morris (morrisjf1@appstate.edu) if you have questions regarding which tests to take or general questions. The James Center puts on workshops once a semester to prepare students for all three test sections. Workshops in the Spring will be offered every Thursday in February at 5:30 in RCOE room 124.

Praxis II

In order to clear student teaching and graduate, you must take the Praxis II 9-12 Social Studies Content Knowledge exam (5081). Previously, students additionally took the Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam, but this exam is no longer required with a passing score on an edTPA portfolio (requirement to pass student teaching). A passing score on this exam (158) is not mandatory for clearing student teaching, but you will need to pass it in order to obtain a full North Carolina Teaching License.

It is highly recommended to register for and take the PRAXIS II exam the semester (or summer) prior to your student teaching semester. Visit the ETS PRAXIS website for registration information and directions. Links to all PRAXIS exams and information can also be found on our Careers page (history.appstate.edu/historyeducation/careers)

Criminal Background Checks

Current Criminal Background Checks (CBC) are required for admission into the Teacher Ed program as well as all field internships. Background checks can be requested through AppalNet. A background check is good for six months and the cost is around $20. If you feel you have items that might appear on the background check you are welcome to reach out to Jenny Morris or the College of Education regarding any concerns. Update your CBC by December 15th if you are taking a field experience Spring 2020.

Field Experiences

You will complete three field experiences before your student teaching semester (CI 4900); PSY 3010, SPE 3300, and CI 3100. The field experience attached to PSY 3010 is frequently completed on campus. The experiences associated with SPE 3300 and CI 3100 are conducted off-campus in the surrounding school districts.

NOTE: The internship sites for SPE 3300, CI 3100 and CI 4900 cannot be repeated, for example, if one is conducted in Avery County, the following internships must be in different counties. One exception to this rule is taking SPE 3300 and CI 3100 together in the same semester. Taking SPE 3300 and CI 3100 will create a combined internship placement at one site with an increased number of required hours. A second exception to this rule is if you have extenuating circumstances that require you to stay as local as possible for your field experiences.

Reminders and Upcoming dates

  • December 13th - Fall commencement (College of Arts & Sciences, 10:00am)
  • December 16th - Final grades completed by professors
  • January 13th - First day of classes [Spring 2020 student teachers will meet on Jan 10 for required meetings]
  • January 17th - Last day for schedule adjustments
  • January 23 at 6:30 pm and 24th at 3:00 pm - First Steps to Teaching Workshop, required of all newly declared ed majors
  • February 6th at 5:30 pm - Praxis Prep Workshops begin and continue throughout Thursdays in February
  • March 9th - 13th - Spring Break
  • March 23rd - Last day to drop a course using a career drop.

Spring 2020 Special Courses

Visit the department bulletin board outside our main office or the online bulletin to read course descriptions for any of the special offerings this spring.

  • HIS 2150: Animals, People, and History
  • HIS 3144: The Vikings
  • HIS 3210: Poverty: Theory & Practice
  • HIS 3301: History of the Southern Cone (South America)
  • HIS 3308: US - Latin American Relations
  • HIS 3345: The Making of Modern Africa
  • HIS 3424: History of Women and Law
  • HIS 3530: Cultural Landscapes
  • HIS 3540: Disability in America
  • HIS 3545: Gaming History
  • HIS 3630: Teaching History with New Media

A final goodbye ...

Congratulations to the Class of (FALL) 2019! You will be missed ... but we look forward to hearing about your exciting, post-graduation, next steps. Please keep us updated on job and life events through our Turn Yosef In form located on the Alumni section of our website!

Winter Student Spotlight : Will Jolly

Will Jolly is a native of Roaring River, NC and a senior History Education major, graduating this December. He was inspired to become a teacher by his mom, Jammie Jolly, an elementary school educator herself. Will witnessed the impact she had on her former students and wanted to follow in her footsteps. While at App, Will worked for UREC in Field Maintenance, was a member of Collegians for Christ (CFC) and enjoyed getting outdoors to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway as much as possible.

We asked Will to reflect on his time student-teaching internationally:

How has international student teaching shaped your view of education?

International student teaching has been an amazing opportunity! It has shown me that education is different wherever you go but what can always remain the same is your attitude and willingness to learn. The language barrier is always going to be a major obstacle for teaching abroad. You will be successful if you just show students that you care and that you are willing to learn. My Thai students were very welcoming and were as eager to learn about me as I was about them; sometimes you learn from students more than they learn from you. I highly recommend International Student Teaching to any education major! It is an opportunity to grow as a person and teacher. The experiences that I had in Thailand will be something I will never forget.

How has international student teaching changed/shaped your worldview?

This experience has changed my worldview dramatically, it can be intimidating going to another country. I have learned that there are good people all over this world. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people while traveling internationally. Being in the minority in Thailand has been something new to me and it is definitely something that everyone should experience if they get the chance. Every challenge that I have faced while communicating with someone, reading, or explaining concepts to a classroom of students has shown me that I am not alone in this world.

Will Jolly's amazing pictures of his international student teaching experience in Thailand!
Grace Cameron (Sp 2019) and other App State student teachers in Costa Rica
History Department • Anne Belk Hall • history.appstate.edu/historyeducation