For the Love of Physics By Walter lewin

Walter Lewin is a dutch astrophysicist who decided to devote his time to the laborious process of teaching and exposing college students to the wonderful world of physics and how you can use it to examine your surrounding and determine why things work the way they do, and to question why they do such things

He had many different way of showing these examples of we can apply physics in a realist way. He would demonstrate that no matter how strong you are water can only go a certain height, how does this apply to us? well how does your plumbing get up the hill and through your faucet?(you should read it to find out)

when you read this book it will show you how the world works and ever since i read this book i realized that i think about the book and about how the book would explain it in an extremely logical way. Which peaked my interest and ends with me looking it up and learning more about the subject.

Sadly this all came to an end when he was faced with sexual harrasment charges in 2014 and since has been disowned by MIT and has had all his lectures taken down but you cans still find a few on you tube if your curious.

i would indeed suggest this book for people that wish to see the world from a different perspective the book has amazing examples of how you can transfer your knowledge to another category of learning

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