Kill Cult Leaders prESS - REPUBLICAN, dECEMBER 31, 1995

For Ex-Cult Members, Fear Lurks Around the Corner - Sixteen bodies were found in the French Alps. They were previous members of the Order of the Solar Temple. Fourteen of the bodies were arranged in a star. The police believe, the leaders are hunting ex-cult members. The previous leaders died, so the new leaders are targeting ex-members. Police also thought it was a sacrifice/suicide. This came from Page 10.

The French Alps

A Former Plattsburgh Man Commits Murder Suicide - Carmen St. Denis wanted to end her relationship with her boyfriend. It was a very stormy relationship. John Mayor didn't want this to happen. He shot his girlfriend 25 times, then shot himself. Mayor's mother discovered the bodies. The couple argued, but not a lot. They would fight, like any boyfriend and girlfriend. This was found on Page 1.


Death Toll in Spain - Rain, wind, and snow storms are occurring in Madrid, Spain. Many people had to leave their homes, because of the damage. These storms overflowed rivers, flooded streets, and detours on many highways. Eight people sadly lost their lives. The southern, and northern regions were hardest hit. This was found on Page 9.

Flooding in Madrid



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