Ken Roczen breaks arm at Anaheim 2 by:Codi lundberg

Many people don’t know this but on January 21, 2017 Ken Roczen broke his arm while racing Supercross at Anaheim 2. Ken Roczen was born in Mattstedt, Germany on April 29, 1994. He is 5’ 7’’ in height and he is age 22. The question many people are wondering is how do you go from winning a championship in 2013 and making lots of money to breaking an arm in 2017 and possibly ending your career. Well he was racing his dirt bike out a Supercross race out in Anaheim 2 and he was going through a technical rhythm section and when he went off the face of a jump he got ejected from his bike and landed hard on the ground. The impact of his crash was so bad that he compound fracture of the radius and a dislocated elbow and wrist also he had some tissue damage. The time Ken Roczen will be missing is still trying to be determined. The next day the medical people on hand ended up flying him from Anaheim, California all the way to Vail, Colorado where he met up with Dr. Randall Viola. When he got to Colorado he needed to undergo surgery right away to begin the healing process. On April 20, 2017 Ken Roczen went in and did his 8th surgery to repair his arm that he had injured at his Supercross race.


This photo was a picture he shared to his Instagram during one of his 8 surgeries. In this one they ended up cutting his arm open and they wanted to start repairing his arm piece by piece. Cycle News Staff says “Dr. Viola is the team physician for the Men’s U.S. Alpine Ski Team and a medical consultant to the Denver Broncos and U.S. Snowboard Team, and he specializes in hand, wrist and elbow injuries, with special interests in orthopedic and sports-related trauma.” Monster Energy Supercross and Ken Roczen fans hope he gets back this year but doctors think he won’t be back till maybe the 2018 season.


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