Confronting Problems Stacey Faircloth

When there is friction in the workplace, not only does it lower employees satisfaction, but it also lowers productivity. Creating safe places for effective communication is vital.

The managers will need of the two departments will need to sit down first to discuss that friction between the physicians and the nurses. What do they know? How long has it been taking place? Setting a time and place for further discussions. They will be key in setting the tone for creating change.

Once the managers have discussed what they know, it is now time to turn to the teams. Each manager should discuss with their teams, perhaps even with individuals privately, what their feelings are about the situation and what they think the solution could be. Actively listening is one of the key activities that ethical leaders practice. It ensures that each person feels valued and is more likely to participate in whatever the solution may be.

Once they have discussed the problem with their respective teams, it is time to discuss the situation with the other team's manager. This again will allow the managers to compare and discuss prior to bringing the teams together. They can create a plan of action based on the teams suggestions. Or they may bring in unit leaders to assist in creating the plan so that it is unit lead.

Now it is time to have the teams put into place the solutions.

The teams could participate in team building exercises. Communication workshops can also be beneficial.

One important aspect of implementing any change, will be having the entire team, both the nursing team and the physician team, agree on a set of goals. This ensures that they are both working towards a common good that benefits both teams.

No plan would be complete without a plan to follow up. Set a time frame to follow up with employees and team members and a date to follow up with the other managers.

Good communication between disciplines is vital to effective and safe patient care. Managers work hard to create an environment where employees feel safe, valued and willing to work with interdisciplinary practices in a collaborative, productive manner.


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