Spain And its most beautiful places.

Spain, also called Kingdom of Spain, note 2 is a sovereign country, member of the European Union, constituted in social and democratic State of right and whose form of government is the parliamentary monarchy. Its territory, with capital in Madrid, is organized in seventeen autonomous communities and two autonomous cities, these formed, in turn, by fifty provinces

According to the Constitution, Castilian is the official Spanish language of the State and all Spaniards have a duty to know it and the right to use it.27 In 2006, it was the mother tongue of 89% of Spaniards.28 Other languages, too Spanish, are recognized as co-official in various autonomous communities, according to the Statutes of Autonomy

buy tickets for the plane to be able to go to Spain to be able to visit and be able to know the new things that has spain and that you have never seen and thus you acquire new things that you did not know.

Because when you go to visit a country that you have never had to visit and you do not know the traditions or the rules that they have and to have to go with someone who lives there in is lugr so that I can explain how things are there in that Parents and thus a tner knowledge of things.

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