Marché Moody 🌸Self Portrait🌸


ATHLETE 🏐🏃🏽‍♀️

This poems describes the love and passion for the sport that I have on just the athlete side of the "student athlete". It describes the effort that not only me but so many others that play the sport as student athletes put it. The sport is a big part of my life. Is something I truly love and this poem also helps describe it. I always give a 110% winning or losing. And this poem brings out everything that I feel while and when not playing volleyball.


This poem does a good job of explaining the student part. Yes some think of their sport as a way out, but for me it's a way of life. When playing a sport in high school your not only playing for yourself but for your team, your teachers, faculty, as well as your pears that you may not even talk too. Student athletes represent a school. Especially from the traveling and then home visits. What we do reflects on the team, on the school. My passion for my sport as a student athlete makes me always want to put on the best attitude I can because it something I love that is representing so much more than just playing the sport. With all the hard work that comes from being and athlete, there's always the pressure of also being a student. Half in half, to different types that combine to make a strong one.


I chose this poem because it reminds me of my dads love for me. My father has always favored me as his baby daughter. He loves all his children especially after losing one. He always tells me how happy he is to have me and what a blessing I was to his life. Like his little miracle. And whenever I need love and reassurance I know I can always find it in my father, because I know how much he loves me and how he sees me through his father eyes.


I chose this poem because it reminds me of my relationship with my best friend. Yes we are polar opposites but at the same time so much alike. Without each other we are not ourselves. We are the polar opposites that go so well together that we cause the beautiful and the bad, yet we are what makes the world go round in our heads. 🌸✨👭


I relate to this poem in all ways it tells. I can relate to the way we share are pain. When one hurts we all hurt. It's never easy for us to sit back and watch a loved one go through pain and sorrow. We share our strength among one another. We uplift each other in every way we can. We never leave one hanging to feel alone. My family is a big part of my life and I do love them so much. Some days I sent back and think what would I do without them, they're are big piece of me and what makes me. We are together, we're one ✨💕

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