Navi kings א Perek ב

(Discard the girl) david tells shelomo everything that happened with yoav
Adoneyaho starts to plan a rebellion.


Solomon annonyted tzadok to be Cohen Gadol
Adoniyaho goes to the mizbayach and hides
שלמה lets אדוניהו know that if he ever tries to rebel, שלמה will end him
דוד makes sure to tell אדוניהו who to treat nicely, and who to kill
David, the great king of the Jewish nation, unfortunately passes away

Adoneyaho asks bat Sheba to ask shelomo if he can marry abishag

When bat Sheba tells shelomo this he infuriates and wants to kill adoneyaho.
The King, Shelomo, gives orders to benaiah, the son of yehoyada, as long as he stays in the city, he'll stay alive. and he went out and struck adoneyaho down
שלמה tells שמעי, that as long as he stays in the city, he can live, but if he leaves, שלמה will make sure to put him down
שמעי runs away to the מזבח, and so שלמה kills him


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