The bau visits Clemson Claire Cotton

The morning after the Clemson football team lost to the University of Pittsburgh, there were a series of strange occurrences and football players started to go missing. No one knew what was happening and Coach Dabo was very concerned. There was a campus wide search for the players, but no one could find them. Later that night, their bodies were found in the reflection pond. This struck panic across the campus and other players became fearful of their lives. With a serial killer on the loose on campus, the Behavioral Analysis Unit from the FBI were called to the university to investigate. Agent Derek Morgan was sent to uncover the fatal mystery.

Agent Morgan and his team immediately started interviewing and investigating the series of murders that were sweeping the football team. They looked into some of the Pitt football players and coaching staff, wondering if they were still beating down on the team. All of the players and staff were cleared since they were traveling back to Pennsylvania the time the first murder took place. Agent Morgan could not figure out what was happening, so he decided to take a different approach. He believed there could be a Clemson fan who was seeking revenge on the team for losing the game to Pitt, ending their winning streak. His team thought that this was a ridiculous idea, for Clemson students and fans are so loyal to the school and team.

Derek Morgan immediately blew off this idea, realizing how ridiculous it sounded. The next night, he decided to stake out the reflection pond since that was where the bodies were ending up. He was hiding underneath library bridge where all of a sudden, the Clemson Tiger appeared. He thought it was strange for the Tiger to be out at night. He started to approach him when he realized that the Tiger was holding the body of a player. It had been the Tiger the entire time. Agent Morgan immediately rushed towards him and stopped him before he could injure another player. He tackled him and was able to arrest him. He saved the life of the Clemson football team and the university was forever grateful.

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