In what ways do innovative multimodal practices deepen learning? I am not old enough to vote, how can I impact the Election?

So I read these things...

New literacies & Critical literacies case studies: Curwood and Cowell (2011) designed an iPoetry unit where students created multimedia poetry pieces. Students were intrinsically motivated & cared about audience. (Academic poetry component & student experiences = Authoring New Product)

And I did this...

I partnered with an AP language and literature teacher who implemented a PBL project that required students to create an impact using multimedia or other. Students were tasked with studying and researching the best rhetorical devices and method for their audience.

And I found this...

We found that students who had personal connections to their topic were more engaged with their research, project, and audience. Having an authentic audience was a motivator for student success.

Tasks that involve authenticity beyond the classroom allowed students to be in a "work flow" and spend time outside of school on their project, but it also created real world problems.

Students who had previously struggled in AP ELA were more successful during this project. Students felt they made a difference with their video and were proud to show it on Youtube which meant that the final grade didn't mean as much. (Some were very worried about their grade at the start of the project.)

And now I wonder...

How do we practice this in our classrooms with limited time? How do we provide digital literacy instruction while also covering classroom content? From my observations and transcripts students need direct instruction and scaffolding in using 21st century skills. Teachers need training and support as well.

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