J.R. Briggs Newsletter November 6, 2019

Drop Off And Pick Up Reminder

As we move through the school year at this rapid pace (how is it November already), there is usually a need to remind folks of our drop off and pick up procedure. For the most part this has been great, but there are a few points that need to be reinforced for continued student safety.

  • Drop off is from 8:20- 8:30 AM using the rear driveway and circle. There has been a recent increase in folks using the front door, but that is only an option after 8:30 (and students are marked tardy).
  • It works best if students are able to get out on the passenger side of your vehicle (if possible).
  • Students should be able to get out on their own, which makes for a faster process. We certainly understand that some still can't unbuckle their own seat, so those students will need assistance. However, those that exit the car on their own, should.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not pass a car unless a staff member has asked you to do so. Again, our first priority is not speed, but rather student safety.

Again, most everyone has been doing a great job with this routine, but we always have room to improve in everything that we do. Thank you!

Preschool and Extended Day Payment Update

Our Unipay site is now up and running. We can start accepting payments for extended day and preschool through a variety of methods. Below is the link.

Wanted: 4th Grade Parent Volunteers

On November 21st, the 4th grade will be doing a Makerspace challenge. We are looking for parents that would be interested in coming to help out with this activity. Please reach out to Mr. Bell or Mrs. Disalle if you are interested. Thank you!

Ashburnham Westminster Foundation for Academic Excellence

The Foundation does an incredible service for the schools in our district. In addition to their general support, they also fund many grants for innovative and ground breaking ideas in the classroom. In order to maintain these grants, they raise money through a variety of methods. Please read the following flyer and consider attending the Night For Excellence.


Please don’t forget that we need your 5th graders baby picture for the yearbook!

You can post at anytime by going to https://www.jrb-pta.org/yearbook to create or access your account then navigate to – Shared photos folder – 5th Grade Who is that Baby Folder. Do remember to tag your 5th grader to their photo but do not put their name in the caption, we don’t want to give anyone away.

Yearbook committee volunteers are needed!

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Tiffani Sell at xsell515@gmail.com. We may have 1 quick meeting to center on this, however, all work that is needed can be done at home; the only requirement is a computer.

Mark Your Calendars
  • November 8- Family Veteran Luncheon
  • November 8- PTA Movie Night
  • November 11- No School Veterans Day
  • November 21- 1/2 Day Staff Development

Continue to follow us through our social media outlets. We love trying to show you what is going on at school as much as we can.

As always, please reach out to us if you need anything. We are readily available via email, so do not hesitate to click below.

Here, at JRB!