MAN DOG BY Jim Harrison

I envied the dog lying in the yard so I did it. But there was a pebble under my flank so I got up and looked for the pebble, brushed it away and lay back down. My dog thus far overlooked the pebble. I guess it's her thick Lab fur. With my head downhill the blood gorged me with ideas. Not good. Got up. Turned around. Now I see hundreds of infinitesimal ants. I'm on an ant home. I get up and move five feet. The dog hasn't moved from her serene place. Now I'm rather too near a thicket where I saw a big black snake last week that might decide to join me. I moved near the actual dog this time but she got up and went under the porch. She doesn't like it when I'm acting weird. I'm failing as a dog when my own kind rejects me, but doing better than when I envied birds, the creature the least like us, therefore utterly enviable. To be sure I cheeped a lot but didn't try to fly. We humans can take off but are no good at landing.

he try's to be a dog and he doesn't like the dog life because the ant crawl on and over him and he's saying his own kind doesn't like him which is human he said once he tried to envied birds but that didn't work but he didn't try to fly


Created with images by peritas - "dog shepherd man's best friend"

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