The echo of silence

For this week the dimension of my relationship with my parents that I will be exploring is our communication . As long as I can remember we never were really physical separated for no longer than a month. But for all of those time we never had a deep conversation and never really know what's was really happening inside the other person. We would casually greet each other with a simple "hello" when we get a chance to see each other and simply go on with our day. With occasions like breakfast, lunch, or dinner we would just have small conversation because everyone at the table would eventually be full and which then causes people to physically get up and grab more food and or start on another activity. Those activities then lead to the disruption of a conversation which is why it is hard to start one and build it into a "real conversation". At times I would try to talk to them before or after work but with that there are two factor that always block end my motivation. If it is before they would usually wake up for just the right amount of time for them to get ready and leaving no spare time or after where they come nome from and are too tired which I don't blame them. So to effectively talk to them I usually pick the last day of the week (Sunday) to do so. Since they don't work that day and their focus or only objective the that specific day is to go to mass and that is basically it. So after completing the goal of Sunday there is still a great amount of time to hangout with them and to start my desire of opening the reflection of the week. This is where we can actually have a deep conversation and enjoy the time of being together. It is the time where the silent stop and their voice being echo in my head as I joyfully enjoy our communication skill getting better.

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