Spring Break Maryam Syed

I had gone to the beach when I took these photos. One thing that I used a lot for these photos was zooming in, especially when I was taking the picture of the moon. It was quite difficult because I had to keep both the camera and my hands steady.
When taking this photo, my theme was pattern. I liked how the carved out stars looked, and the zoom really helped with showing each detail of the fence.
all three of these photos were pretty different. The colorful balls filled in with the theme, color. That day, I had gone to Gondolania with my friends and was walking around with my camera. The different bright colors really attracted me towards them, and that is how I took that picture. The photo with the two girls represents friendship. I had two of my friends sit in a bench and I took their picture. And for the last one with the tree, I was looking around this resort kind of place and came across that odd looking tree and thought it would look cool for a photo. A challenge with that photo was trying to find the perfect angle for the shot, so I ended up moving/changing my angle a lot.
To successfully capture this photo, I had to get down and zoom in. I really liked the flattish circular shape of the flower, but it's the color which caught my eye. The was the purple started out dark and then slowly faded into a periwinkle color.
When taking these photos, I used the rule of thirds. For the one of the girl, I lined it up with her raised knee, and the one with the eye, I tried to line it up with the pupil (which was actually pretty hard). The reason I took the picture of the eye is because I really liked the color of the eye and how it contrasted well her skin. I liked how light the brown was, and it was totally different from my own eye color.


Photo Credits to me!

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