Instagram has begun rolling out 60-second Instagram videos, an increase from the 15-second videos we've become accustomed to. This allows us to tell a longer story. Use sparingly - the video spot may have gotten longer, but the attention span still hovers around 4 seconds.

Another Instagram story: when you click on search (magnifying glass icon), you will now see recommended video channels. Instagram is rolling out this feature with a Coachella channel, in case you'd like to live vicariously through the festival crowd. Update the app to v7.2 to get this feature.

Bots for Messenger, aka your customers can now live chat with you about the product you're selling if you have built this for them. Customer service to the next level...just be ready as a business to handle this new way of communicating.

Facebook Live: you've seen the notifications, you've clicked on a few, you've watched a few. Learn more about find ones to watch, how to share, how to produce them and more.

Like it. Love it. Laugh about it. Be impressed (or shocked.) Oh no, I'm sad. Grrrrrr.

Putting the rumors to bed: 140-character limit is staying for now.

Describe your image in 420 characters: Twitter adds image description option for visually impaired users. (For those old school html geeks out there, this is the alt tag.)

If you want to search Pinterest by image, you now can! Love that pillow in that perfect blogger's studio? Click it and Pinterest will return image results based on that pillow. The goal is to find you the product, you click through & buy, making a business & Pinterest money. All good, right? Check it out.

Cinematic pins were launch last year and are a cool way to attract users to your pin, encouraging purchase. Though alcohol brands are still left out of advertising on Pinterest, something to keep in your back pocket.

Snapchat has made their emoji stickers movable - place the dancing lady on top of, say, your puppy, and the dancing lady will ride around on your puppy in your next snap. The emojis don't HAVE to move, but they CAN. Ride on, dancing lady.

And more about emojis! Misinterpretation can happen to anyone texting, but it gets worse when not all emojis are created equally. Your friend on the iPhone may receive something entirely differently from the emoji you sent them from your Android. Check out this chart to see what happens in the cross over from phone to phone to phone.

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