The Epic Hero Anthony Lor Per 2

Ambitious- showing a strong desire and determination to succeed, this word is essential to an epic hero because every hero wants to succeed by having strong feelings for what they want to accomplish.
Heroism- great bravery overcoming danger, this is essential to an epic hero too because the hero has to be brave and help others but also take risk in action for what is right.
Adventurous- willing to take risks or new experience and ideas, every hero has to have an journey to discover new methods to their own life experience.

How Odysseus relate?

Odysseus is ambitious because his determination to succeed and survive with his men from the land of lotus eaters, 372-373

Odysseus is a heroism because after the cyclops ate 6 of his best men and he decides to be patient by using his wisdom to trick the cyclop by drinking the strongest wine and wait for an opportunity to strike to get out from the cave, 380-381.

Odysseus is adventurous because he is trying to find his way back home by traveling to the land of the dead to hear a prophecy, 388-391

Modern Hero Examples

This hero relates to ambitious because in this anime series, "Haikyuu", there's a young teenager name Hinata Shoyo his desires and determination was to be the next Little Giant middle blocker in volleyball and going into the finals and be the best with his friends in the volleyball club at Karasuno High School.

In this anime series, "Naruto", a young teenager name Naruto Uzamaki who is in team 7 in the hidden leaf village was a great heroism because after the fight with pain and the Akastuki clan he was able to save the world and the hidden leaf village with all his bravery and strength with his strong feelings as a shinobi.

In "One Piece", Luffy is a pirate and likes to be adventurous to find the lost treasure with his crew on their ship by going through obstacles and take a new journey where they never experience before, finding the lost treasure.

So What Impact?

What impact me to be from here on out is because of these modern heroes. Back then I use to be lazy and was unmotivated from the things I do in life but however, after seeing those heroes, it inspired me to go above and beyond to do what I need to do. I needed a goal and go through an adventure and seek new ideas as to be one of them.

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