French Revolution BY: Malik jones

The French Revolution was a major part of France and if the revolution had not happened France would not be the same as it is today. One of the causes of the revolution was the food scarcity in the years immediately before the French Revolution. The people of France were angry about that because the people who were not royalty or higher class would starve. The people were angry so they over threw the king, but little did they know that there next king wouldn't be any better.

Another cause of the French Revolution was that king Louis XVI knew that his country was in debt so he raised taxes very high. The people got upset not just because he raised taxes but because the clergy and nobility refused to pay taxes. This caused the society to become unstable and increased the political influence of the average people. So king Louis called a meeting of the estates to talk about it and king Louis locked them out of the meeting so they couldn't vote, because he was afraid that the common people would out vote the first and second estates.

A photo showing ratios of land, taxes, and population between the three estates in France during French Revolution.
King Louis XVI

The reign of terror was a major part in frances history and made a lot of people fear the government in France. This occurred after the French Revolution from 1793-1794. This was a time of violence that was caused by a conflict between the Girodins and the Jacobins. During the reign of terror they would kill whoever was an "enemy of the revolution". Many people were killed during the reign of terror an estimated 40,000 people were killed in France during the reign of terror.

People gathered around a beheading during the reign of terror

During the reign of terror Maximilien De Robespierre was a leader of the revolution and began killing his enemies using a machine Called the guillotine. The guillotine was a sharp slanted blade hanging high off the ground held up by ropes and could be dropped. This machine was used to behead the enemies of the revolution. The machine became the symbol of the reign of terror because of how many people were killed by it and because of the people it killed such as, King Louis XVI, and his wife Antoinette, even Robespierre was beheaded by the guillotine.

Guillotine being used to behead someone

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