Scavenger Hunt Questions

1. Which mural shows 3 people in a boat?

2. Which mural shows people carrying spears?

3. Which mural includes a rainbow?

4. How many murals include a horse?

5. What company is advertised on the cart in the Jacob Price mural?

6. What company is advertised on the cart in the Jacob Price mural?

7. Which mural has a naked lady?

8. What color is the winning jockey wearing?

9. Which mural has a beer stein that looks like you could pick it up and take a sip?

10. There are __ murals that include the Mutter Gottes church. Which are they?

11. Which mural has two doves on it?

12. Which mural has an ad for “Mom’s Home Cooking”?

13. Which team was the 1939 World Champions in fast-pitch softball?

14. What time is it in the Centennial mural?

15. Which mural shows someone flying a kite?

16. Which murals show someone fishing?

17. Which mural shows someone working on a computer?

18. Which mural shows these murals?

19. In the 1937 Flood mural, how many people are in the rowboat?

20. Which mural shows the present-day Cincinnati skyline?


1. 1937 Flood 2.The Great Buffalo Road 3. Kennedy’s Ferry 4. Meeting at the point, Latonia racetrack, Kennedy’s ferry, pontoon bridge, Jacob price, vision and ingenuity, german heritage, centennial. 5. Jacob Price Lumber 6. 7. Jacob Price Lumber 8. Sky blue 9. The German Heritage of Northern Kentucky 10. German Heritage, Devou, Religious Heritage 11. Religious Heritage 12. Play Ball! 13. Covington Boosters from the Play Ball! mural 14. Almost 5:00. 15. Daniel C. Beard 16. Daniel C. Beard, Devou Park 17. The lefthand circle mural 18. Celebration 19. Three 20. Devou Park

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