Defense minister vows thorough probe into death of Air Force officer

Defense Minister Suh Wook on Wednesday met with the bereaved family members of an Air Force officer who died in an apparent suicide following alleged harassment by a colleague, pledging a transparent and 사설토토사이트 investigation into the case.

Suh visited a military hospital in Seongnam, south of Seoul, where the body of the female master sergeant is laid amid mounting criticism that the military failed to protect the victim who was found dead last month. The bereaved family members claimed that her superiors attempted to cover up the sexual violence against her.

"We will thoroughly look into the case so that there is no room left for any doubts," Suh told the parents of the late master sergeant, promising a "transparent" investigation.

The ministry came under intense criticism after the bereaved family said the late master sergeant's superiors tried to persuade her to reach a settlement with the alleged perpetrator without taking due protective measures.

Suh on Tuesday ordered the Air Force to hand over the case to the defense ministry, it said, adding that the investigation team will also look into whether the military appropriately handled the case when it was first reported.

Starting Thursday, the ministry will also run a two-week special reporting period for sexual harassment cases in the military to check if there are any other sexual violence cases in barracks.

Service members who suffered or witnessed sexual abuse can report it via a phone call or email, according to the ministry.

"Through this special reporting period, the defense ministry will make utmost efforts to protect victims who haven't been able to report their sufferings," the ministry said in a statement. (Yonhap)