Leukemia cancer By: LUke peterson

What is leukemia?

Luekimia is when bone marrow is producing too many white blood cells which clogs up your kydney and your spleen so if you think about it blood cells are tiny so if it's clogging up your kidney and spleen it must be producing way too many white blood cells. So when you are exposed to a virus it can be not very bad and your body reacts to the point were it's too much.

How do you get leukemia?

When a virus gets into the body (even if its minor) your white blood cells will react like you would if a wheel was flying at you. Repeated exposure to radiation causes most of the cases and also smoking can cause it but it's pretty unlikely.

Who is most likely to get luekemia?

Well it depends lets start it off like that. Mostly whoever is exposed to certain cemacals such as gosoline,radiation,oil, and also if you are exposed to things like Protozoa,bacteria, and viruses.

Symptoms of leukemia

Leukemia has no saymtoms really but if there are they are severe fever,night sweats,swollen lymph nodes,and fatigue. But remember these symptoms have to be severe.


You cant really help it just stay with your regular routine and eat heathy food to try to get the white blood cells to calm down and have a routine of going to the doctors.


Sadly you can't really help it.

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