Reflective evaluation Grace Forth

Over the last few years of my life I have really gotten a better understanding for who I am as a person and how I learn. I have always been the kind of person to procrastinate and slack off until the final due date, forcing myself to be rushed at getting things complete. Fortunately, this has not completely cut me off of my goals for the future. Although this is not a positive understanding of myself, I notice that I use my time more efficiently when I seem to have less time to get things accomplished. When I do this I however, I do not seem to do my best quality of work, as opposed to if I would just have taken my time. I feel that I am this way towards school in regards to giving all my effort because I do not have the motivation to learn and do things that I am not interested in, therefor causing me to not pay attention and lack focus. I have worked on improving this through different methods but it's always been a struggle. Thinking back to a time where I believe I did not give my all at something that I should have was when I took the class finite. From the start of the semester I knew that this class was one of the easier math classes you can take in High School. Knowing this was an easy class I did not give it one hundred percent. I hardly ever studied for a test or quiz. I also did not pay as much attention during notes, knowing that my teacher never gave homework. This ended up making my grade suffer more than it should have. Overall, I did fine in the class but if I had tried harder I could've ended the semester with an A. Not only did I see this kind of behavior when I was in the classroom I also saw it take place in my outside school activities. Since I was a young girl I have had a passion for playing soccer. Over the last several years I could slowly see myself having less and less drive when it came to playing. I know that I did not give soccer enough of my time and I should have not put off practicing when I was at home. Knowing that I have been this way for a while, I decided that I would learn from my mistakes and work my hardest at my job, being a life guard over the summer. Skills I have learned through my high school academics, including cadet teaching, have fostered better responsibility. While I was lifeguarding I was always focused on my job. To me this was really important because for once I gave everything my all and ended up being one of the best lifeguards and pleasing my bosses and managers. A quote that I think of in times where I don't feel like giving my all is, "Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired." -Jules Reynard. This Quote helps me realize that slacking off isn't going to give me the best outcome. College is a huge change from High School and I will be more accountable for my own effort. Moving forward I am going to give everything one hundred percent and hope to see that has a positive effect on my life. Just knowing I have given my best will also allow me to accept the outcomes even if they fall a little short of where I want to be. I have learned through the course of my high school years that I need to find what I am passionate about as my personality lends to staying motivated and focused when I truly enjoy something. I am a hands on learner and am exploring careers and schooling that fit that best. So, although it has taken me awhile to figure all this out I am certain it's never to late to move in the right direction. Half of being happy and content is not giving up and to just keep moving forward, even if it's a slow process at times. Engage, Inspire, Empower is one of our school mottos and I'm hoping to carry that forward into the next chapter of my story.


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