Learning Journal Gabrielle Brulotte

For this class, I want to better understand how powerful social media is and has become. The idea that how social media is such a brilliant way to build a brand is so interesting to me and I think that If I better understand social media in general, I will hopefully be able to create a brand for myself that really truly represents the person I am. I would love to explore different branding done by companies and influencers, and how to take advantage of the easy access to our own personal branding that can be done with the correct social media content.


LEFT: The font on the bottom of the page was too dark for the photo uploaded RIGHT: I did not like how the filter looked, I personally would not use it if it were on snapchat



Created with images by Brett Jordan - "Fries (lock screen)" • skeeze - "mountain snow covered landscape" • 柏翰 / ポーハン / POHAN - "GOLDEN RETRIEVER- ゴールデン・レトリバー-.2" • metalslugzmaste-96200 - "flower sunflower sky" • kevin dooley - "Grand Canyon backpack" • tpf1959 - "shop luggage colors"

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