Hurricanes MAryn lester

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones.

Hurricanes are large destructive circular storms.

Hurricanes can only form over water.

Hurricanes cause damaging winds and a lot of rainfall.

These storms can cause waves to grow twenty feet over their real size.

Hurricanes are life threatening.

Hurricanes can produce tornadoes if the conditions are right.

Most hurricanes are named. If they are really destructive, they will never use the name again.

The season for hurricanes is June until November.

The eye is the calmest part of the storm.

Hurricanes can cause billions of dollars worth of destruction damage.

A hurricane can grow to over eighty kilometers wide.

Hurricanes have stronger winds then a tornado.

Hurricanes have five categories.

Hurricanes have low air pressure.

Wind shear can pull the hurricane apart.

Hurricanes feed on warm moist air.

Hurricanes spin in a spiral rotation.

The deadliest hurricane was hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina is also the most powerful hurricane.

Hurricanes have extreme pressure, but they also have extreme pressure drops.

The highest wind speeds ever caused were caused by Hurricane Olivia.

Hurricanes can expand and grow to 615 miles.

The smallest hurricane ever was Hurricane Marco with twelve mph winds.

Hurricanes do not form without the conditions for one.

Hurricanes are very severe storms.

Hurricanes cause damage to all human creations.

Sometimes, but very rarely, hurricanes can form in the Eastern Pacific ocean.

Slow moving hurricanes produce heavy rain.

The Gulf of Mexico is hurricane prone. This means that they get a lot of hurricanes during the season.

Tropical storms and hurricanes are two different thing but in some ways similar.

The first hurricane to make people fly was in nineteen forty three.

Hurricanes did not start having boy names until nineteen seventy nine.

Hurricanes produce tornadoes.

The eye wall experiences a lot of hurricanes also.

Sometimes hurricanes produce ten atomic bombs per second.

A typical hurricane releases some 600 trillion watts of energy!

Florida gets hit more than forty percent by hurricanes during hurricane season.

Over the years hurricanes have killed over two million people.

Sometimes if hurricanes are severe enough, they can reach us to sixty thousand feet in the air.

The word hurricane means evil spirit of the wind.

Hurricanes are the only disaster that have been given a name.

Most people who die are killed by the waves that come onto shore.

Hurricane names start with the letter A and go down until Z.

Most hurricanes die at sea.

A category one hurricane can still destroy more than a tornado can.

In nineteen sixty seven a hurricane produced more than 140 tornadoes.

Bangladesn was a country created by a hurricane.

Hurricanes do not form in the south Atlantic ocean.

Some plants can help protect themselves from hurricanes.

The first American hurricane was in 1967.

Hurricanes are the most deadliest disaster.

many people lost their home when Hurricane Katrina came through.

Hurricanes cause 3.4 billions of dollars worth of destruction each year.

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