Emme James B6

I think my best knife cuts were the julienne, the small dice, and medium dice because they were all very uniform.
When I am older I would like a Kitchen Aid in my kitchen because they are so useful and versatile. They typically cost $200-$400 and I could find them at Best Buy!
We made BBQ chicken and it applied to what we learning because we made homemade BBQ sauce. Other kitchens made variations of the remaining mother sauces.
We made bruschetta and it helped us practice our cutting skills. This lab also showed us that we can make a good snack that is healthy, quick, and easy!
We made banana bread. The whole class made variations of banana or cranberry bread (no sugar, low fat, etc. ) and we compared how they tasted. We were doing this because we had just learned about how we need to eat healthier and how to live a healthier lifestyle.


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