Josephine my professional brand

I am an aspiring lawyer and writer studying at the Queensland University of Technology. As a casual law clerk, I assist solicitors with legal matters by conducting legal research, drafting court documents, and liaising with clients.

Working in the legal industry has taught me that in order to successfully communicate with others, confidence to exert belief in myself and my abilities is imperative. I believe that my empathetic nature and willingness to create change have been central in connecting with people. I have developed a highly tuned ability to listen patiently to others and interpret messages that are communicated in a subtle manner. Furthermore, I have excellent written and oral communication skills as a result of my experiences as a law clerk.

I am passionate about science, technology, and creative innovation. Recently, I landed a position on the Executive Board of QUT Starters. QUT Starters is a student society that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship within QUT. My own contributions to QUT Starters include the execution of Disrupting Law, an intensive three-day competition designed to tackle real world problems faced in the legal profession. My experience within QUT Starters has significantly developed my ability to think critically, in addition to having further improved my time-management and organisation skills. I also have a strong willingness to learn, and believe that it is important to keep up with modern advancements.

In addition to my experience within the Brisbane innovation space, I previously studied science, where I gained experience as a scientific researcher in Mozambique. My particular research focused on identifying individual Manta rays through photo identification.

I assisted in the creation of new software that identified particular types of underwater species, with much more accuracy and efficiency than other types of existing software. Living and working in Africa for over six months increased my independence and gave me the ability to work autonomously with little direction. I am confident working with statistics and data, and also have an interest in photography and videography. Additionally, living in Mozambique gave me the opportunity to experience cultural diversity.

I am incredibly experienced working as an effective team member and I work extremely well in high-stress situations. Over the last four years I have worked as a casual lifeguard for the Australian Lifeguard Service. Working as a team, with my fellow lifeguards, prevented hundreds of deaths across Queensland beaches. In particular, performing CPR to bring a nine-year-old boy back to life was the most important team role I have ever fulfilled.

As demonstrated, I have many interests and am open to a challenge. I have a unique perspective on many issues and am therefore excited to make a meaningful contribution to the world of journalism, media, and communication. I am passionate about legal, scientific, and technological advancements, therefore want to use my experience to work to improve how knowledge is communicated.

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