Mohandas Gandhi Salt March Information

Hello! My name is Mohandas Gandhi and I am from India. I was born on October 2nd, 1869 in Porbandar, India. I grew up in a wealthy family. I went to school in England and studied to be a Lawyer. I traveled around as a lawyer and went to South Africa that was under British rule and so was India. I noticed that something was wrong in South Africa. Many people that were black or different races were treated differently. The British police officers kicked off a train for sitting first class and being Indian. I also did not like the idea of the passes you had to carry around to travel. Back in India, we are still being treated poorly from the Britsh and there needs to be a change.

In India, the British are in control and us Indians want our country back. The British are making us only buy cloth that the British made and we have to pay a lot of money for the salt that come from our ocean. We have already boycotted the cloth. For the cloth boycott, we got many people to gather and burn all the British cloth. The British rulers did not like that and they started shooting into the crowed. It got violent. So I want to make a Salt March to prove to the British we are capable to make and buy our own salt and rule our country as Indians. The salt march will be a non-violence act of protest because I think that it is the right thing to do.

This weekend on Saturday, I am gathering as many people as I can to come march down to the ocean with me to protest non-violently to show the British that we are stronger than them and how capable we are of making and selling our own salt and cloth. Tell as many people that you want to come and join the fight to make Indians control India again! This salt march will have no violence because violence is not the answer. Leave you weapons and home and come meet me to make our journey to the ocean to prove who we really are.

My goal is to make India and South Africa free from British rule. We have to work together by non-violence to achieve our goals. Tell everyone around you so we can be free!



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