Humans of Summerville By: Patrick Frits

"College is a great place to find yourself, through all the different experiences and classes. You can come to college and network, find places to get involved and start on projects that will lead to a career one day. I started on my first independent film this past summer and will hopefully have my finished project by the end of this year. I like to write and that's one of the many ways i use my writing. I realized I enjoyed writing so much when I started journalism and found out that I don't just put down the ideas of others, but a little bit of me goes into that story because of my style and the way I write."

Career Services

Career Services program at Augusta University has spent many years helping college students walk through the process of being hired in their field of study. The service is offered to students for each year of school at Augusta University and one year following graduation. At career services, weekly events like the one held Tuesday, gives students the opportunity to embark on a journey towards career placement after graduation.

The event starts off with Melissa Hall, a career service specialist who works with many social sciences and liberal arts majors. Hall, who has been in her position for 10 years with the Career Services, teaches students to find themselves through value and personality surveys. The events remain small but have driven students like freshman Cyril Longmene who remains determined to get a head start amidst the busy school year. He stated, “If it wasn’t for my parents pushing me to get a good job and make the most out of my time here at college I probably wouldn’t be as determined throughout my college experience.”

Hall sets up one on one meetings with students after the events to make their experience centered on them. Melissa Hall said she gets so much joy out of helping people with the process of making decisions. “Working here has been a learning experience,” said career services specialist Melissa Hall. “And I like to pass that on to people.”


When Bianca Fortis was going through college in Colorado, she overheard some people speaking about an issue with the deportation of Veterans. Fortis soon jumped on and started working with these friends to create Transborder Media group. Fortis joined in with friends who had already begun making a documentary on the deportation of veterans. When talking to a small class at Augusta University, Fortis explains her reasons for spending so much of her own time and effort to see this project reach its final goal, of completion. The name of the documentary that Fortis and her colleagues are working on is called Soldiers without a Nation. The idea is to bring support to an issue that is not frequently talked about among citizens in the United States.

When asked about where the veterans are deported, Bianca answers, “they are deported all over the world and there is a small community in Tijuana Mexico that we are focusing on.” The community in Tijuana is the closest geographical location to them, so when they have time that is where their focus remains. They know that veterans are deported around the world but the Tijuana community is one of the largest. The veterans were emotional, while the class watched parts of the unfinished documentary, speaking of their families that they had left behind because of deportation. Bianca spoke about the tragedy that comes with the deportation of veterans by saying, “they have grown up in the United States, they don’t know anything else.” Many of the veterans hope for the day that they can get back into the United States and see their families.

Some of the veterans that were deported struggled with PTSD or extreme poverty. The veterans do not understand why they are deported after serving time in federal or state penitentiaries. When Bianca was asked about her outlook on the issue she said, “I can’t say that all the veterans are good people, some of them have done bad things. Generally if you believe in civil rights and you believe in justice in the law then most people agree that this is not okay.”

The main goal of Bianca and her colleagues is to shed light on the situation that veterans are going through. Bianca and the people she is working with are steadily applying for more funding through grants and donors who will support their campaign. Their hopes are to enlighten the public and deliver the message to politicians, who can make a difference by renouncing the deportation of veterans. These are the veterans that have fought for our nation.

Presidential Interview

Donald Trump. Thoughts race and minds wander when that name is spoken or seen. Trump has been the topic of conversation for many over the last year during the presidential race. People were amazed that Trump won the election, while others are still dumbfounded that Americans would be willing to vote for a man of that stature. Hillary Clinton lost, Gary Johnson gained more votes for the libertarians, and Donald Trump will be president; that is hard for some to handle. Some citizens are unsettled by the majority win by Hillary Clinton and nervous about the outcome of a wild card president like Trump taking office. This election has caused a lot of grief among voters who are against both republican and democratic nominees. The decision was a tough one for many, but the outcome was tougher for many more.

Stacious Thompson, a junior at Augusta University said, “this election has brought up the conversation about the electoral college all over again.” An area that is sore to voters and creates a lot division within the United States has been over the electoral college. The way that a presidential candidate can receive more votes but still lose the election. Thompson has become more settled into her decision that was made and is ready to see where the United States goes from here.

Willie Cummings on the other hand, when asked about the election, stated, “I really haven’t kept up with election. These two choices were beyond me.” People have fallen into certain positions in this election process. Some are either very passionate about their side, whether democrat or republican, or the rest are in the middle. Many voters this year carried the weight of their decision right up to the final election day. Chris Knox shared his enthusiasm over Donald Trump’s success by saying Trump’s tag line, after being asked what his thoughts were over the election. Chris shouted out “Make America Great Again! I can’t wait to see what that man does for America; he might actually build that wall.”

What people have seen during the election period has been more of a reality television program narrated by Donald Trump. The constant bombardment of media outlets everywhere has caused a numbing affect to some. Each media group racing, trying to track the next big story, to hear Donald trump say something that is slanderous to a minority or a gender. The other stations are waiting for a lie come from Hillary’s mouth or for Gary Johnson to show his naiveté towards foreign policy.

Brooke Arnold speaks out in a video interview explaining her frustration with the presidential election in 2016. Brooke talks about her dissatisfaction with the two presidential nominees. Brooke, like many others, says “I don’t know how America ended up picking those two people to vote for as President.” During the presidential election the polls on Fox News showed 55 million people voted for Clinton and Trump as president, but Hillary won the majority. When Trump won the election many of Hillary’s supporters became frightened about Trump as president and others who voted for him are nervous themselves. Even Brooke said, “I’m a little nervous of what is to come with Donald Trump as President.”

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