Universal Healthcare These laws also ought to be designed for no other end ultimately, but the good of the people. (Locke 2)

John Locke would likely support the idea of universal healthcare because he believed in benefits for everyone and for the government helping the people

Locke also writes: power, which every man having in the state of nature, has given up into the hands of the society, and therein to governors, whom the society hath set over itself, with this express or tacit trust, that it shall be employed for their good (Locke 1)

Locke’s belief in life liberty and property as a human right and the main issue in the hands of the government, shows that Locke would likely side with the pro-universal healthcare side because his views show that he was in favor of the government, composed of and by the people, providing services and rights for it’s citizens

If everyone deserves property, rights, and freedom, it only makes sense that they should survive an injury without the rest of their life in debt

As Locke said before, These laws also ought to be designed for no other end ultimately, but for the good of the people. (Locke 2)

Picture being happy leaving your home, but an accident falls upon you, and you are in debt for the rest of your life. What if?, says John Locke, our government provided universal healthcare so we could all be happy?

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