MBriefs Byte Sized Benefits | August 2021 Edition

AUGUST (adj, Latin) majestic and noble, respected and impressive…

Obviously, welcome to our ‘August’ MBriefs. This month, be ready to be impressed. The Word on the Street is that there are simple ways to save your odd-shaped vaccination card to have proof when needed. Learn more about our studio process, specifically how audio can make or break your communications. We clearly know this subject; we just posted our 100th Side Affects podcast…a majestic marker, one might say. It is August, and of course, that means Back-to-School, so we will say goodbye to most of our interns. And yet, we welcome the respected Michael Denisoff, President and CEO of Employers Resource Association, to present to HR pros, “How to Sell Yourself and the Benefits” Register today, oh noble one!

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

Please Have Your Vaccinated Card Ready

As the pandemic continues with new flavors of COVID spreading faster than before, the “being social” game has some new guidelines. Employers, local governments, and highly populated establishments are starting to require proof of vaccination before approving admittance. This article from USA Today shares how easy it is to store this information on the one thing you won’t leave home without…your smartphone.

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

McGohan Brabender started the Side Affects podcast in 2016, with six people stuffed into a sound-proof closet. Although it was successful, for obvious reasons, things had to change. Here we are now marking our 100th episode looking back at how far we have come. Join in the celebration with producer Kenzie McEvily with her usual sidekicks, Scott McGohan, Anne Marie Singleton and Dave Homan, as they reminisce about the creation, the knowledge shared, and the direction of Side Affects' future. Click and enjoy some highlights of our favorite and highly listened to episodes. Stay tuned as we continue to share industry knowledge of the world of employee benefits and leadership tips for employers. Thank you to our Side Affects fans!

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

From kindergarten to college, students are preparing for the new school year. This year, your child’s health is as important as their school supplies. Physical well-being plays an imperative role in academic success. August is a great time to put your child on that right path for an excellent educational experience. Click the link above to watch and learn more!

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

HR: How to Sell Yourself and the Benefits

All 2021 Learning Centers are virtual.

Great HR professionals work hard to design exciting, highly impactful, and necessary agendas for their company. Yet sometimes, they are not presented in a way that equals their relevance. Employees are not always aware of the amazing benefits and offerings HR has worked hard to put forward. How do you sell benefits to peak interest especially to an internal team? Fundamental Marketing and Sales skills are imperative for the HR Professional.

By attending this learning session, you will understand how to leverage the core basics of marketing and apply them to your HR role, specifically how to sell to senior leadership and still influence the general workforce. These skills can help ensure awareness, adoption, and positive energy toward your hard work, proving that Marketing and Sales expertise can help improve the effectiveness of change management.

This course is approved for 1.5 SHRM and HRCI CE Credits.

Presenter: Michael Denisoff of Employers Resource Association (ERA)

Tuesday, August 24th | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Video, presentation & studio tips from Multimedia Specialist, Malisa

Fidgety fingers. Sweaty palms. Ravenous thirst. A newly discovered stutter…they all make guest appearances when the bright studio lights turn on, the microphone, strategically placed on your shirt, and the camera rolls…You are now recording!

All About That Audio

HEAR me out… Audio can make or break your video production. Good audio captivates and lures an audience in, but as soon as the microphone picks up distracting background noise, it’s Game Over! At McGohan Brabender, we understand the importance of audio and we have curated a studio experience that will benefit you and your employees! Watch this short video to see how we can help produce stellar audio for your upcoming videos.

Developing the Future Workforce Inside McGohan Brabender

The Intern Becomes the Teacher

Training and Development Specialist, Rose Crouch was a mentor to Human Resources and Financial Analytics Intern, Drew Ashurst this summer. Rose shares her favorite part of the MB internship program, how Drew contributed to the team and even reflects on her own experience as an intern fresh out of college. Take a look!

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

The (Holy) Grail of Blood Tests

Rumor has it researchers have discovered a simple blood test that can identify 50 types of cancer. The U.S. biotech company, Grail, has shared accurate findings that have sparked more research. Although conducting more tests, the results won’t be readily available until 2023; however, the currently shared outcomes are promising, with false positives ranking at less than .07%. These results are exciting, so we will keep you posted. Hopefully, more details are to come.

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