Healthy Family Relationships by: abby rollins

Healthy family relationships are key to a loving and great relationship.
Even when you have a good relationship you still can have conflict with the ones you love.
It might feel like it is the worst thing that can happen know that your family still loves you. Some times you have to compromise so that everyone wins and people forgive and move on.

Empathy sometimes is hard to have but it can really help when you aren't sure how to react but you still want to care and listen. If you don't know what empathy is it is basically to be able to connect with other peoples feelings.

In the end sometimes you feel like no one gets you or that no one loves you well just know that your family loves and cares for you. Your family shows you things that you could never imagine, they love and support you like no one else.

Having a healthy family relationship is such an important thing to have. It might be hard to always remember that your family is there and they love you. That's why we have the hard moments to let us know how important having the happy, forgiving, and loving memories are.

Conflict is all part of having a healthy relationship. If you don't have conflict you would never have those moments where you experience empathy, forgiveness, and just appreciation for how great your family is.

Some times my brother and I fight which is conflict. In the end we end up showing empathy by saying I'm sorry and saying that its okay and that we forgive the person. It shows about a healthy relationship because you if you didn't fight with you sibling or any family member it would be hard because if you never fight you are never able to forgive and open up more to your family.

Healthy relationships, empathy, and conflict are all part of life and in the end they help make your life better. If I never showed empathy to my family or friends my family and friends would probably be like "whats up with her?" Having conflict although it seems really hard and stressful its something that we all have to face. All of those things and many more are so important in everyday life. I'm grateful to have a health relationship with my family (trust me it really helps to have empathy and to know that conflict will happen but your great family is there with you.)

No family is perfect... we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end family is family... the love will always be there.

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