Fantasyland Bring ideas to life

Mission statement:

Here we provide adventure and experience to promote imagination and creativity. All ideas are able to be brought to life and experienced in their own world.


  • Everyone must create one new idea/world every day.
  • Everyone must share a new idea of improvement for society every 3 months. Each idea must be considered for its credibility
  • 30 hours of schooling are required each week. Different schools are built for each topic of interest.
  • By age 25 a career must be chosen and enough hours of schooling must be in that area.
  • Only three career changes are permitted per citizen. They must be able to stably provide for a family.
  • No physical violence is permitted. Large disputes may be brought before courts.
  • At least 10 ideas must be relived and experienced every week.
  • Reliving of ideas is not required until age 8. All ages are are still allowed access, but no one is able to relive an idea against their will.
  • There will be no lying about any topics whatsoever. Punishment will follow any lying that is discovered.
  • No discarding others ideas without considering improvements, not insults of any sort are allowed


  • Community hours begin at 8:00, Schooling, work, and other activities become available at this time.
  • 12:00-2:30 is free time. This time may be used for meals, recreation, or creating worlds/ideas.
  • 2:30-6:00 are once again Community hours. School and work are available.
  • 6:00-7:30 are Dinner and Reliving Hours. All residents may use this time to access others Ideas and live in those worlds.
  • 7:30-10:00 is free time. Residents are expected to use their time wisely, either studying, catching up on work, or creating/ reliving ideas.


We are located on the island of Hawaii. The climate is very good and the tropic area is very inviting. We will be a secluded community and will not be affected by outside conflicts.


The government here is a Democracy. All citizens contribute to make it better. they are required to come up with one new possible improvement to help the community. No one person has too much power. There are a select few that are appointed by the community that will look through ideas and keep everything in order.

Here in Fantasyland all citizens are promised respect and are encouraged to come out and share their ideas. Everyone progresses together and help one another better peoples lives. We are constantly trying to progress, while making sure no one is left behind.


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