CFM USF By: aidan gerhart & niko cornejo

Cartographer: This is a map of our country and it includes five major city's, including our capital. Also their is a key and scale.

Linguist: half writes page in English and the ten major things in our culture.

Linguist: Our alphabet for our country.

Linguist: Half written page about our language, written in our language.

Mathematician: This is our number system for our culture. Also their is four multiplication problems, four division problems, four addition problems, and four subtraction problems.

Diplomat: This is our half written page about how our country resolves conflict, and the type of government we have.

Mathematician: This is the currency we have in our country. This money system is similar to the currency used in America.

Architec: This is a layout of a house in our country and the materials it's built out of.

This is the laws that we have in our country and the punishments if they are broken.

This is the main types of transportation and structures that our country has.


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