Alex Libby's story By: Divya raju

“HAHA I know, right,” said his friend laughing too. “I heard that the new kid, Alex Libby has Asperger's,” said someone on the bus laughing ridiculously.

Alex, a young boy who lived in Iowa city, got on the yellow bus cheerlessly every morning with his heavy books and a bag. People would stare at him and gossip about how he looked and how he has no friends. Why is this so hard I can’t make any friends at all Alex thought sadly in his math class. He was slacking off in all of his classes because no one wanted to talk or be anywhere near him.

One day someone started poking him and punching him. Every day it got worse and worse. People would start choking and strangling him. People even threatened to kill him and break his bones.

He didn’t want to say or do anything because he just wanted one friend in his new school, Edlin Oklahoma Middle school in Iowa city. Until one day Lee Hirsch, a high school student who rode on the same bus and saw the bullying, asked Alex if he would like to star in a documentary about bullying.

Lee Hirsch began filming the documentary about bullying and included five other people who were getting bullied as well as Alex.

After the documentary was published on the internet and people all over the world watched it, classmates from Alex’s classes started talking to him. People realised that Alex was a nice and funny guy and started to feel differently about him. He now has lots of friends because of the documentary, ‘Bully’.

People in Alex’s school started being nicer to Alex and that made Alex feel happy and he felt much better about himself.

After that, Alex came to school every day with a smile on his face. Every morning he had someone to talk to on the bus. He was becoming much more confident day after day and he started talking to many more people in his classes.

The sadness has gone away and happiness came flashing by him. Slowly Alex grows tougher every day with friends and family beside him.

Now Alex talks to people who are getting bullied and helps them get through what he was going through. “If people are trying to bring you down it only means you are above them,” Alex said. Now the world hears the voice of this young teenage boy from Iowa city and listens.

Authors note:

Alex got bullied until the end of Middle School, in eighth grade. He had no friends until the documentary that Lee Hirsch made about bullying. At Edlin Oklahoma Middle school, people were bullied because of theirs looks and how popular they were. Now Alex Libby is known all around the world. He even appeared on national T.V and he also went to visit the white house. He also meets many celebrities in the world like Victoria Justice.

Now he considers himself a spokesman for the bullied. This topic is important to me because I can learn from Alex Libby who was bullied and if I ever am bullied or someone I know gets bullied I now know how to stop this and to just be yourself and stand up for yourself. I selected this advocate because in my old school I had this friend who was getting bullied by my other group of friends and I stopped them from bullying her and they are now friends and they are not fighting anymore. “If people are trying to bring you down it only means you are above them,” said Alex Libby, When I first learned about Alex Libby, I felt very sorry for him because he was getting bullied and people in his school even threatened to break his bones and also people strangled him and beat him up when he was on the bus. In my research I learned that many people in this world get bullied and even in this school and maybe even my grade people get bullied for their looks or based on how many friends they have or how rich they are. I don’t think that just because someone is this or that doesn’t mean you have to bully them. I want to try and stop bullying just like Alex Libby did. If you would like to get involved in the cause you can help other people feel better when someone is physically or emotionally hurting them and you can tell an adult if anything like this happens to you or someone you know and not just forget about it.


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About the author:

Divya Raju, a student, was born in Singapore in 2005 and grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong. Divya lives with two parents and one sister and two dogs. Divya enjoys going out with friends and traveling around the world. Currently, Divya attends the Singapore American School and she likes to dance and do digital media.


I dedicate this book to Alex Libby because he made a big impact on what people think of others and people who are getting bullied.

Created By
Divya Raju

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