H,Day Art I Portfolio

All these examples are principles of designed constructed with construction papers showing each design and how it should look.
Here is the
This is my goal card and the image that are illustrated in the card represents the goal that i have set for this semester. The earth represents happiness which is a goal for me because i am always sad and stress because of school work. The fit biceps, soccer ball and wrestling shoe is for my fitness goal and to stay health so i don't get sick often. The rest are goals for my academic and hobby improvement.
Here we have our template for our line verity and gesture. The lines that you see are the ones the class and i practice. It has thick, thin, wavy, straight and small line on the left side to should what type of line it is possible to use in an art. The figure you see on the right is a gesture of a classmate and it has lines and shade to show shape.
This here is a gesture drawing of one of the male student in the art class. Here you can see the figure or you can say figure of the male student. There is thick lines outlining the whole body and shade showing movement.
Here we have a gesture drawing of a female student in my class. It is similar to the one above of the the male student, but it is more closer together and drawn bigger than the other one. Like the other gesture drawing this one also shows movement of the person.
This are work is of a skull of a animal. This art work is formed of a continuous contour lines outlining the whole skull with different shades on parts of the art showing the three dimensional part of it.
here is the contour line drawing of the our shoe
This is the rough draft drawing of the mask and the cultural style of it is Japanese with a lot of meaning symbols.
Five symbols i used is wolf eyes for my spirit animals, a dove to represent loyalty and peace, Sakura tree to represent life, a kite to represent freedom and the color blue to show my intelligence. The cultural style i used was Japanese because it is beautiful and meaningful.

Art II Portfolio

Dead Corpse

The Dead Corpse was a game we played in the start of the school year. The game starts off with you drawing a call out card, the card tells you to draw a body part in a certain way and with some special features. After that you give your drawing to another person and another card is called out with the next part of the body that needs to be drawn next. This continues until the whole person or thing is completely drawn. This was a french game invented by surrealist in 1925 where each collaborator adds in to a composition in sequence. Art techniques that were used in this were form and color to show the realness and make pop out. especially the red color that brings out the brightness of the dress. there is a successful use of dadaism in this art work.

Doodle for Google

This is my design for google for doodle and with it are the concept that have for inspiration. The color that I wanted to used to show emotion in this art work was kind of neutral and calming so thats why you see the color blue in the layout. At the same time I wanted to show the harshness thats why there is also red and shades of it in the layout. I wanted to express the harshness of this world. What inspired me to make this was the conflict and war that are going on around this world. As humans we don't see the truth and we are fabricated by the news. So as an artist I felt like I was to show emotion and symbolism of this peaceful world. As a person who was a refugee it felt like a responsibility of mine to show the world how other people like me are and were suffering.

Print Making Unit

Artist Statement This was my block print that I design and carved out during the print making unit. I used a bunch of symbols and images that reflect the story of my family. I also used traditional design and culture to tell the story of my family in this print. The mountain in the background shows a geological area that surrounded our life. The elephant is a creature that is respected and used by our people and the soldier shows the conflict that erupted in the area. The process for this was long and hard, Because I started off by designing the art and transferring it onto tracing paper. After that it was tracing it onto a block print. With all of that done the process of me carving the block started and it was very long and hard. The material that was used for this was difficult to get use to. So when carving there was a lot of briers to overcome. I think the only problem that I had with carving was that I did not carve deep enough.

Do Ho Suh

Born 1962, Seoul, Korea. Suh got his bachelor’s of fine art in 1985 and master’s of fine art in 1987 at Seoul National University. In 1993 Suh relocated to the united states after fulfilling his mandatory service in the south korean military, earning a BFA in painting at Rhode Island School of Design. He earned his MFA in sculpture from Yale University, in 1997. Suh is well known for his production of a korean traditional house with fabric in exact scales and details.


Do Ho Suh is known for his sculptures based on public space and personal space. Some of his art consist of many fabric the he sews and put together to make a structure of a building. Others are of dog tags that are put together to make up a rope sculpture. The sculpture was to commemorate the life of soldier because he was one himself.

  • Almost Home by Do Ho Suh
  • Fabric Architecture Sculpture
  • March 13, 2018 to August 5, 2018
  • Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington,DC
  • Some/One
  • Made in 2001
  • Sculpture using military dog tag
  • Seattle Art Museum

Independent Project

I started off my independent project by planning and designing what I wanted to do. At first I did not know how to start off a clay sculpture. So I looked through books of clay to understand and learn about using clay. I learned that clay is very hard to work with and that the process of firing it was long so creating the project had to be fairly fast. I looked up some videos about armatures and using it as a framework for my clay sculpture. I had an Idea that I would create my human using a frame, but later I realize i didn't need a framework. So I looked into making slabs for the wall and found out techniques to cut out slabs into square. After all of that I drew what I wanted to make and I use symbols and visual meaning to display insecurity that everyone feels.
In the end this was what came out of this project. The process to making this was long and hard. I am really happy it came out this way. To get into depth with this piece of art, I would like to start off by saying that this is a piece of art that i created during my independent art project and it is called insecurity. It shows a shadowy figure sitting down and hiding behind a wall. My intention of the shadowy figure was to give the message that we the humans of this earth are represented by the shadowy person. We are too shy and like to avoid one another in the best possible way we can. With the wall behind it I was trying to emphasize that we are in our own shell and I feel like everyone we encounter is like that. So in order to change that we need to break down that wall the we are hiding behind and show the world our true self.

SketchBook Assignment

This is the collections of drawings that created. Each of the drawing contains a theme and all the thinks drawn fallow that theme. I choose the medium of drawing because I like simple stuff. I also like to brainstorm stuff by doodling. With each drawing there are certain lines and values involve. I wanted to show the contrast between the dark value and white value in all of it. Most of the drawing that I created came from me just think in my head and drawing it on the paper. So some of them were random images that I thought of during the time I drawing.

Painting Squares

These are the painting square technique that we learned. These are different way and technique that were taught to us in order to use all of these some point in our art work. It is there so if we want to make a painting look some way of some sort we could use it. It was also there so we can get inspiration of what to paint.

Art Inspiration

Growth Statement

anI have learned a lot about using different medium and different art style to emphasize the main focus point in art. For example I've learn to use different painting techniques to make paint look a certain way. Like using the paper towel or alcohol to make the paint look like clouds and realistic. Other technique i learn is in clay where you can use slip and score to build and fix sculptures. During this semester I also learned a lot about myself as an artist. I learned that as an artist there is still a lot of things i can learn to create and make art. There are also different ways to make art and be creative. So as an artist I still can learn more about creativity to become a better artist. The themes and ideas that I developed with my art is a lot of symbolism and independence. With most of my art I use the theme of discomfort and being more open instead of hiding behind a wall. I would like to continue with art and work on drawing portrait of people and capturing the natural beauty of all things.


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