H,Day Art I Portfolio

This is my goal card and the image that are illustrated in the card represents the goal that i have set for this semester. The earth represents happiness which is a goal for me because i am always sad and stress because of school work. The fit biceps, soccer ball and wrestling shoe is for my fitness goal and to stay health so i don't get sick often. The rest are goals for my academic and hobby improvement.
Here we have our template for our line verity and gesture. The lines that you see are the ones the class and i practice. It has thick, thin, wavy, straight and small line on the left side to should what type of line it is possible to use in an art. The figure you see on the right is a gesture of a classmate and it has lines and shade to show shape.
This here is a gesture drawing of one of the male student in the art class. Here you can see the figure or you can say figure of the male student. There is thick lines outlining the whole body and shade showing movement.
Here we have a gesture drawing of a female student in my class. It is similar to the one above of the the male student, but it is more closer together and drawn bigger than the other one. Like the other gesture drawing this one also shows movement of the person.
This are work is of a skull of a animal. This art work is formed of a continuous contour lines outlining the whole skull with different shades on parts of the art showing the three dimensional part of it.
here is the contour line drawing of the our shoe
This is the rough draft drawing of the mask and the cultural style of it is Japanese with a lot of meaning symbols.
Five symbols i used is wolf eyes for my spirit animals, a dove to represent loyalty and peace, Sakura tree to represent life, a kite to represent freedom and the color blue to show my intelligence. The cultural style i used was Japanese because it is beautiful and meaningful.


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