BOMI-HP™ Get to know BOMI's Newest credential

“The breadth of this program, introducing sustainability improvements for each building system in turn, and culminating in management and finance practices, will be invaluable to the building community.”

~Vivian Loftness, FAIA

BOMI International is proud to announce the completion of its newest credential: the three-course High-Performance Sustainable Buildings Program!

This remarkable learning experience will help you effectively tackle and plan sustainability initiatives, optimize building operations, leverage sustainable investments, and maximize cost savings. Advance your career goals: Sign up today for the most up-to-date, most comprehensive, and most thoroughly researched sustainability program for the property and facility management industry.

High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles

Learn how to meet the imperative for sustainable initiatives, and how to communicate the value of pursuing sustainable initiatives.

High-Performance Sustainable Building Practices

Learn how to optimize and apply sustainable best practices to drive operational efficiencies for high-performance buildings

High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments

Learn how to envision, plan, and manage large-scale sustainable projects and effectively impact efficiency challenges.


How long will it take to complete the program?

This depends on how often you take a course and the course delivery option(s) you choose. Each High-Performance course is 30 hours. There is no set time limit to complete a program. BOMA Georgia annually offers all three courses in the BOMI-HP® program. These courses feature an embedded Foundation scholarship, meaning that BOMA Georgia members could complete all three courses in the program in one year for less than $2,000!

Is there an exam after each course?

Yes. You are required to pass an exam with a 70% or higher after each of the three High-Performance courses.

Is the BOMI-HP® right for me?

If you are responsible for implementing sustainability initiatives, optimizing building operations, and maximizing costs savings, then the High-Performance Credential Program is right for you.

Can I get a detailed program overview?

Sure! Download our informational brochure.

Are these skills and competencies beneficial to my real estate industry career?

Absolutely! Just download this case study to learn more.


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