Hysteria By Megan Logsdon

I am creating a large scale wallpaper aimed at commenting on the way women are treated when stressed. Often times, I am told to chill or relax, and I usually feel like people see me as some sort of clown or crazy person when I am in the height of my emotions. The clown mask comes partially from another digital media project and relates back to a short film I have been working on. Overall, I wanted to create something that people might find slightly disturbing but humorous.

Text from one design - I originally started with drop shadows and making the text funky. I later worked on creating a more 3D look. I will also add a color halftone to make it look more "clown-esque."
The other text design. I wanted bright colors that were graphic and in your face, just as a clown mask is.
Print test of smaller stickers. I will put these out for anyone who visits to take.
Print test of the wall decal, with adjusted text design.

The words on this will be slightly different in line with the text above, but the layout is the same.

Each wall paper will be 12 feet tall by 5 feet wide so it is important that they are not too busy. I think that the bright colors are enough "noise" to fill the space but they are still stylistic and appealing.

Artist Bio: I am studying digital arts with a second degree in digital media production. I am from California and originally was interested in purely graphic design, but now have a variety of interests involving digital design, filmmaking and motion graphics. I hope you enjoy my work! I promise I am not obsessed with clowns!

Contact: mlogsdon@tulane.edu

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