Kimberly's Story Senior year

My name is Kimberly Garcia. These pictures are pictures i took during the last months of my senior year. My senior year has been Litty Ti**y!

This was a picture my friend Yanette took of me during Mr. Fitzpattys class.

My friends and I during sadies. It wasn't fun but whatever.

This was an off guard picture my friend Alex Godfrey took of me while I was looking at something.

This is a rare picture of my friends and I actually dressed up except Leah. She didnt get the memo, oops.

This was our Christmas Eve dinner at my God Mothers house.

This is another picture of us.

These are my friends again

This was me and one of my good friends Aledria.

This was when Ali and Ray wanted to take a picture when Maddie was trying to take her picture.

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